What MSNBC Can Teach The Atlantic about January 6

May 31, 2024 WND.COM

On Memorial Day, during the Annual Ashli Babbitt Freedom March in D.C., I had the chance to speak with Hanna Rosin, who was covering the march for the Atlantic magazine with fellow reporter Lauren Ober.

As I tried to explain while we were walking, Ober and Rosin have an extraordinary opportunity. They can be the first journalists to share with their half of America the epic story of January 6 — the true story, that is. I cautioned, however, that as MSNBC learned the hard way, there are powerful people who do not want that story told.

The ignorance about January 6 is staggering. The tourists near the Peace Monument where the march began just looked confused. They all know who George Floyd was, but most, I am sure, had not a clue about Ashli Babbitt.

Ashli, 35, was the 14-year Air Force veteran shot and killed by the Capitol Police on January 6. The corporate media have no interest in sharing her story and even less in telling the story of Rosanne Boyland. Few, even on the right, know about Rosanne. A year younger than Ashli, Rosanne was the second woman killed by police action on January 6 and the woman whose death MSNBC vainly tried to investigate.

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