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    “The Fight to Tell the True Story of Failed Presidency,” Unmasking Obama is now available wherever you buy books. This is the fifteenth of the books I have authored or co-authored.



The True Story of White Ethnic Flight from America’s Cities

I asked one lifelong friend, a Democrat, why he and his widowed mother finally left our block in the early 1970s, 20 years after the first African-American families moved in. He searched for the right set of words, and then simply said, “It became untenable.” When I asked what “untenable” meant, he answered, “When your mother gets mugged for the second time, that’s untenable. When your home gets broken into for the second time, that’s untenable.” In researching this project, I found myself repeatedly stunned by the failure of self-described experts on white flight to ask those accused of fleeing why it was they fled. The reason the experts didn’t ask, I discovered, is that they were afraid of what they might learn.

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Thanksgiving comes early at Charlottesville High

November 24, 2023 wnd

When candidate Joe Biden launched his 2020 presidential campaign, he offered events at Charlottesville, Virginia, as his rationale for running.
Biden specifically citedTrump’s allegedly racist reaction to a 2017 dust-up in Charlottesville, shamelessly misrepresenting Trump’s comments about the violent clash.

“We are in the battle for the soul of this nation,” said Biden. He warned that if

Trump were reelected, “He will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen.”

More recent events at Charlottesville High School (CHS) suggest that Biden’s battle has already been lost, So chaotic is the environment at the high school in this leafy university town that 30 teachers staged a sick-out on Friday, forcing the school to stay closed through Thanksgiving. No one should be surprised. Principal Rashaad Pitt, at least until he was canned this week, listed as his foremost area of expertise “restorative justice.”

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‘In the Old America, This Would Provoke an Uprising’

American Thinker

No stranger to hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton set a breathtaking new standard with her denunciation of convicted meme jokester Douglass Mackey. The context was an April 2023 discussion with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, where Hillary is reportedly a professor.

“Democracy requires at least a minimal level of trust,” said Hillary with the semblance of a straight face. “So if we are going to turn our politics over to people who — maybe just for the heck of it — are making up stuff to misrepresent leaders, or maybe because they know they can achieve it if they do, then where does this stop?”

Mackey’s crime was to pass along a meme he found online titled, “Save Time, Avoid the Line.” This meme, said Hillary, who knows something about election subversion, “went from speech to action meant to subvert the election.” Graced with a picture of a smiling Hillary, the meme then directed readers to text their vote to a given number. Try as hard as they might, prosecutors could not find not a single one of the “thousands of people” Hillary claimed to have been affected by this transparent joke.

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How George Floyd Actually Died

American Spectator

As it happens, my office overlooks the main drag of Kansas City’s counterculture/ homeless hub. On one lonely day during the weird COVID spring of 2020, I heard screaming out on the street, not unusual here, but when it persisted, I went down to check it out.

What I saw wasn’t pretty. A white male Kansas City police officer was kneeling on the neck of a woman. My first thought? “Thank God she’s white.” The woman was large and rambunctious. Using just a well-applied knee, the officer managed to hold her in place for at least ten minutes until back-up arrived. The arriving cops slipped a Hannibal-the-Cannibal mask over her face. That wasn’t pretty either. Take-downs never are. I had considered recording the incident on my cellphone, but I chose not to. In retrospect, I should have. (READ MORE from Jack Cashill: The Semantic Burden of Speaking While White)

From the moment I saw the edited video of George Floyd’s arrest a few weeks later, I knew better than to accept the media verdict. Derek Chauvin used exactly the same maneuver my local cop did. The woman in Kansas City had lungs enough to wake a neighborhood. Floyd did not. The problem, I suspected, was not with Chauvin, but with Floyd.

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