The Un-American Inequality of Jan. 6 ‘Justice’

March 30, 2024 WND.COM

Like the Jacobins of revolutionary France, leftist elites in America were diabolically prepared to use mob violence to advance their presidential ambitions in the mad year of 2020. Indeed, the very first protesters at the White House gates the Friday following George Floyd’s May 25 death in Minneapolis were calling for President Donald Trump’s resignation.

Protesting soon turned into rioting. That evening, anxious Secret Service agents ushered the president and his family into an underground bunker. The rioting resumed on Saturday and grew more serious. Rioters tried to push through security barriers, damaged six Secret Service vehicles, and threw bricks, rocks, fireworks, bottles, and other objects at Secret Service personnel. In some instances, they kicked, punched, and threw bodily fluids at the officers. By Sunday morning, 60 of the officers had been injured.

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