Even after prison stabbing, feds continue to railroad Chauvin

January 1, 2024 WND.COM

Not satisfied with sentencing an innocent man to prison for 22 years, the federal government has found new ways to punish former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin.That includes a near fatal stabbing of Chauvin on Friday, Nov. 24, in a federal prison in Arizona and the inexplicable refusal to alert Chauvin’s mother about the incident.

There is no evidence that the feds planned this attack or encouraged it, but their failure to anticipate it at the end of a two-week stretch in which Chauvin was continuously in the news raises eyebrows.  On Nov. 13, Chauvin filed a motion in federal court claiming he never would have pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charges in 2021 if he had been aware of the theories of William Schaetzel, a recently retired Kansas forensic pathologist.

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