The ‘Fahrenheit 451’-style ‘firemen’ are coming after me

September 26, 2020

In “Fahrenheit 451,” the state employs “firemen” to burn paper lest the few civilians who care about books avail themselves of information the state does not want them to have. Years ago, young journalists aspired to gather information and spread it. In recent years, however, the firemen on the left, like those in Bradbury’s novel, aspire to destroy inconvenient information before it can spread.

If firemen succeed in suppressing all real information about a truly major story, they can win a Pulitzer as the firemen at the New York Times and Washington Post did for their “coverage” of the Russia collusion story. Firemen cannot be embarrassed. The Times and Post shared this “national reporting” honor in 2018 when half of all America knew what a cock-up the whole thing was. As the saying goes, the only difference between the Times and the old Soviet Pravda is that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to.

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What Trump’s Nominee Can Expect from a Media ‘Cancerous With Dishonor’

American Thinker

Two years ago, Mark Judge was nearly crushed when the tumbril carrying high school pal Brett Kavanaugh to his intended execution ran him over.  I caught up with Mark this week, and I am happy to report he has recovered from his unhappy stint as Democratic roadkill. Over the years, I have gotten to meet any number of other truth-tellers crushed by a media that Judge calls “cancerous with dishonor.”  I tell many of their stories in my new book, Unmasking Obama.  An excellent writer, Mark Judge tells his own story and does so eloquently.
Judge is the first to admit he was a troubled young man.  In 1997, as a form of atonement, he wrote an only slightly fictionalized book titled Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk.  He could never have guessed that more than twenty years later, Democrats would use the book in a clumsy — but nearly successful — plot to derail Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

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Joe, it’s too late for a ‘beer summit’ in Compton

September 17, 2020 WND

In January 2009, 79% of whites and 64% of blacks held a favorable view of race relations in America. Obama, Biden and their co-conspirators have done their best ever since to drive those numbers down. By 2013, those numbers had been cut in half, and they continue to fall.

“We need real leadership right now,” said Biden in 2020. “Leadership that will bring everyone to the table so we can take measures to root out systemic racism.” Sorry, Joe, but the problem isn’t systemic racism. It’s the mindless, soulless monster you and your boss created, and a truckload of O’Douls won’t pacify it.

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How the ‘Samizdat’ Will Thwart the Media and Re-Elect Donald Trump

American Thinker

As the saying goes, the difference between the New York Times and the old Soviet Pravda is that Pravda readers knew they were being lied to. To circumvent the Soviet mainstream media, dissidents created what they called the “samizdat,” their word for the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state.

To circumvent our mainstream media, conservatives have created their own samizdat, an unorganized network of blogs, public forums, news-aggregators, online publications, talk radio shows, citizen-journalists, and legal monitors such as Judicial Watch, a truth force that one Second Amendment blogger aptly called “a coalition of willing Lilliputians.”

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Netflix Richly Deserves Its Cuties Problem

September 16, 2020 American Spectator

I have always had trouble with critics — allies included, allies especially — who weigh in with strong opinions on a movie they have not seen. So I decided to take one for the team and check out the highly controversial film Cuties, a French import originally titled Mignonnes.

As I spelled out C-U-T-I-E-S letter by letter in the search box, I had a moment of trepidation, wondering whether I had hooked into some algorithm especially attuned to pedophiles. Here is hoping I didn’t.

A pedophile, I confirmed by watching, I am not. To cut to the chase, I found the sexual posturing by our 11-year-old protagonists repulsive and the movie an unwelcome journey to a moral no-go zone. I fully understood why the film lacked a “No preteen girls were harmed in the making of this film” disclaimer. They were harmed.

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Why I Chose to Tackle Obama’s Sexuality

September 11, 2020 WND.COM

Obama, then about 21, had written to ex-girlfriend Alex McNear that he viewed gay sex as “an attempt to remove oneself from the present, a refusal perhaps to perpetuate the endless farce of earthly life.” Then came the money quote: “You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination. My mind is androgynous to a great extent and I hope to make it more so.”

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Review: Cashill Novel Nails the Future–Again!

American Thinker

“When Cashill and McMullen started talking about writing The Hunt a few years back, they anticipated that radical leftists like these characters would one day tire of street theater and move to direct action. If anything, they underestimated the swiftness and scale of that transition.”

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Silenced: TWA 800 and the Subversion of Justice


James Sanders and I made this documentary nearly 20 years ago on a shoestring. The mystery remains officially unsolved. In many ways, the investigation anticipated the collusion of the media and the deep state that would reach its apogee with the Obamagate scandal.

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The Stalinization of Kansas City

September 8, 2020 American Spectator

BLM organizers are calling the mural project the largest of its kind in the world. Six local black artists led the design, a thousand people volunteered to help, and the City of Kansas City invested money it doesn’t have to get the job done. Like many of my fellow citizens, I now have some sense of how Ukrainians must have felt watching their overlords erect statues of Stalin in their town squares. They were forced not just to endure Soviet lies, but to celebrate them.

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Talking All Things Obama With Roy and Karen

September 7, 2020 WND.COM

A really fun interview with Roy and Karen of Chautauqua Updates shot at my New York State digs. They add some very helpful confirming clips of some of the stories I talk about.

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