The Utter Uselessness of Climate Change ‘Science’

June 19, 2021 American Thinker

As I have learned the hard way, the science behind climate change has no more predictive real-world value than the science behind

The high cost of heeding climate science

COVID. When put to the test, scientists cannot tell you what will happen next year, let alone next century, but that does not stop them from pretending they can.

This shrinkage theory made sense until it didn’t.  The “didn’t” period began about a year after shrinkage became settled science.  By the time  I made my decision not to build a wall in 2018, lake levels were back to their historic norms.  By the summer of 2019, even The New York Times noticed that the lakes weren’t shrinking at all.  They were growing.  For all my distrust of climate change activists, I did not suspect they could be proven so spectacularly wrong so quickly.

Apparently, the climate science of 2013 was not exactly “settled.”  Wrote the Times’ Mitch Smith in 2019, “The higher water, which set records this summer on some Great Lakes, could be part of an expensive new normal.”  Left unsaid was that this “new normal” fully reversed the old “new normal” from just six years prior.

Whatever the trend, climate change activists have been quick to find a new, scary rationale to explain it.  “Within about a decade, the Great Lakes have gone from record low levels to record high levels, a stunningly fast swing,” claimed the enlightened folks at the Alliance for the Great Lakes.  A quick look at the charts shows this claim to be false for each of the Great Lakes, but I digress.

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Trump’s Supposed Press ‘Scandal’ Is Nothing Compared to Obama

American Spectator

New book is available for pre-sale. Release date is July 6.

Big Media finds itself in something of a pickle. According to the Guardian, for instance, the Trump administration is mired in a “growing scandal.” Normally, this would be a welcome bit of information in most of the world’s newsrooms, but not so much this time.

Allegedly, the Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) engaged in the “secret surveillance of journalists and even members of Congress in the waning days of the Trump presidency.” These journalists have responded with “scathing condemnations.” From the media’s perspective, this would seem to be the best news since Brian Sicknick died, but there’s a catch.

As the Guardian acknowledges in an opinion piece by Trevor Timm, “Before Trump, Obama’s justice department did more to hurt press freedom than any administration since Nixon.” There’s a further semantic catch, but first a word on Obama’s record. As even the Guardian admits, whatever Trump did, it was small beer compared to Obama’s mischief.

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How long has the FBI been in the terror biz?


In light of the revelations by Revolver about the likely infiltration by the FBI of the groups involved in the events of Jan. 6 as well as the FBI’s confirmed infiltration in the ludicrous plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it might pay to revisit the 2016 plot to bomb a Kansan mosque and apartment complex.

In the way of background, in February 2015 CNN reported on an intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security.

The report argued that the domestic terror threat from “sovereign citizen groups” was “equal to – and in some cases greater than – the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS.”

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Why Flag Day ‘Disturbs’ Obama and the Dems

June 14, 2021 Front Page Mag

Named after journalist Michael Kinsley who introduced the concept, a “Kinsley gaffe” occurs when a speaker

New book is available for pre-sale. Release date is July 6.

“accidentally reveals something truthful about what is going on in his or her head.” Last week, the New York Times Editorial Board Member Mara Gay made the season’s most notable Kinsley gaffe in her account on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” of a harrowing trip to New York City’s eastern suburbs on Long Island.

“I was on Long Island this weekend visiting a really dear friend, and I was really disturbed,” said Gay live on MSNBC, where she is a contributor. “I saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with explicatives [sic] against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing because essentially the message was clear: This is my country. This is not your country. I own this.”

After Gay had finished recounting how she found “just disturbing” the sight of “dozens of American flags,” co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in, “Totally agree.”

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Why Did George W. Betray Team GOP?

American Thinker

“In 2020 I boldly declared that Trump was the only thing standing between our country, the American people, and socialism.  I turned out to be correct,” said George P. Bush in announcing his candidacy for Texas attorney general.

Nearly 75 million Americans agreed, but his uncle, George W. Bush, was not among them.  It is likely that if George W. had said what George P. did, the Democrats could not have “harvested” enough votes to put their man over the top.  But he didn’t.  The result, as George P. pointed out, “was over 30 trillion dollars in total spending and 6 trillion in next year’s annual budget.”  And that is just the fiscal damage.

In the year 2000, some 50 million people elected George W. Bush president.  Despite his failings, almost all hung with him and re-elected him in 2004.  They understood that politics is a team sport.  They may not have loved their captain, but they understood he was better for the country than the other guy.   The sports enthusiast Bush is, one would think he’d get the concept of teamwork.

He did not.  At least, he did not seem to.  In his bestselling campaign book, Battle for the Soul, Edward-Isaac Dovere gives us a glimpse into what Bush was doing and saying to sabotage Trump and betray the millions of Americans who had backed both men during their presidencies.

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Is this Obama’s 3rd term? He seems to think so

June 10, 2021 WND

For the people who wonder whether the Biden White House represents the third term of the Obama presidency, Barack Obama provided the answer last week in a wide-ranging interview with New York Times columnist Ezra Klein.

In Obama’s esteemed opinion, the answer is definitely yes. In making this assertion, Obama reminded the nation just what small ball politics he and his minions play – at least when everyone is looking.

“I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” Obama told Klein. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test.”

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Why Obama’s So Defensive of Critical Race Theory

American Thinker

New book debuts on July 6.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper that aired Monday on CNN, Barack Obama showed once again how well he has mastered the art of sanctimony.

“You would think with all the public policy debates that are taking place right now that the Republican Party would be engaged in a significant debate about how are we going to deal with the economy and what are we going to do about climate change?” Obama said to Cooper.

He added, “Lo and behold, the single most important issue to them apparently right now is Critical Race Theory. Who knew that that was the threat to our republic?”

In researching my forthcoming book, Barack Obama’s Promised Land: Deplorables Need Not Apply, I found myself continually amazed at the price America has had to pay for Obama’s spectacular failure to know who he is and to acknowledge how he got where he got.

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Obama Still Accusing Trump of ‘Completely Ignoring Science’

American Spectator

In a wide-ranging interview with New York Times columnist Ezra Klein, former president Barack Obama, the archduke of sanctimony, weighed in on any number of issues. To be sure, what Obama thinks would be no more relevant than what Jimmy Carter does except for one claim: “Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job.”

By “the job,” Obama appears to mean the “fundamental transformation” he once promised for America. By his estimate, “90 percent” of the people who worked in his administration are now working for “Joe” — President Biden — presumably to fulfill Obama’s promise.

That boast got the media’s attention. One issue that did not, but should have, was Obama’s take on Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Said the tone-deaf Obama, just hours before the Fauci email story exploded:

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27 blacks dead at Waco – and Joe defended the killers

June 3, 2021 WND

“Some injustices are so heinous, so horrific, so grievous they can’t be buried no matter how hard people try,” said President Joe Biden in Tulsa on Tuesday. Biden knows something about burying injustice. On April 19, 1993, he was serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee when a Democrat-controlled, FBI-led tank assault on the Mount Carmel religious community outside of Waco, Texas, left 74 people dead, more than half of them racial minorities.

As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Biden had the responsibility to redress the injustice that took place at Waco. He passed on that responsibility. Of the 74 killed that day, six were Hispanic. Six were of Asian descent. And 27 were black. The victims ranged in age from 6 to 61. And no, this is not something I read on the internet. I found a verifiable list of the dead, broken out by age and ethnicity, and counted them.

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Barack Obama’s Parallel Russian Universe

American Thinker

To write without context in 2021 that Obama was “offended and enraged” by Trump’s accusation of spying four years earlier is a symptom of Big Media’s terminal myopia. That myopia is

New book debuts on July 6.

aggravated in Dovere’s case by his choice of sources, one of whom was Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice. It was she who related the national security team’s reaction to the Trump tweet. “That was when I think everybody went, ‘What the . . . ?’” she told Dovere.

Partisan writers like myself remember Rice as the Obama operative who famously told the same Benghazi lie on five different shows one Sunday morning. “Mainstream” writers like Dovere take her at her word.

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