How Trump conquered the Jersey Shore

August 2, 2022 WND

This past weekend I was walking down the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, New Jersey – the honky-tonk setting for the dubious reality series “Jersey Shore” – when a young man walked toward me buff enough to have been a member of that cast. That was no big deal. Guys like that have been walking this boardwalk since I was kid. What caught my eye was that he was wearing a “Trump 2020” muscle shirt. I had seen a lot of Trump paraphernalia in this part of the world but never a muscle shirt.

The house next to where we are staying proudly flies a large “Let’s Go Brandon” flag right under the American flag. So does a store on the town’s main street. A lady at church on Sunday carried a Trump tote bag. In 2020, as in 2016, one shop on the boardwalk sold nothing but Trump accoutrements. As I was walking back from church, management announced the opening of the beaches with a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. All the people I could see stopped, doffed their caps and faced the massive American flag flying over the boardwalk. That’s the kind of place Seaside is.

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The ongoing mob ‘justice’ against Derek Chauvin


The Scottsboro Boys got more justice than Chauvin and company.

If a 22-year prison sentence were not punishment enough for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, Federal Judge Paul Magnuson added another 21 on federal civil rights charges. In handing down the sentence, Magnuson had the nerve to tell Chauvin, “You absolutely destroyed the lives of three other young officers.” Chauvin destroyed their lives? Let’s back up here, Judge. To say, “I really don’t know why you did what you did,” raises the obvious question: Shouldn’t you have known before sentencing Chauvin to 21 years in prison?

Here, Judge, is why Chauvin did what he did. When Chauvin arrived on the scene, two of the three officers whose lives Chauvin “destroyed” were struggling to arrest chronic felon and doper George Floyd. What made the arrest difficult is that the muscular Floyd was a half-foot taller and at least 50 pounds heavier than the biggest of the officers. As senior officer on the scene, Chauvin had to do something.

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Ivy Plagiarism Pandemic Invades Princeton

American Spectator

The one obvious clue that President Joe Biden did not attend an Ivy League University is this: When busted for plagiarism, Biden suffered real-world consequences. In a 1987 Democratic primary debate,

If Biden had an Ivy education, he too might have gotten a pass on his plagiarism.

while very much a viable candidate, Biden famously lifted a passage from a speech by Neil Kinnock, the former leader of Britain’s Labour Party, and tried to pass it off as his own.

The Michael Dukakis campaign caught the theft, and the media, still in their journalism phase, went digging for more purloined pearls of Biden wisdom. They were not hard to find. Under pressure, Biden had to confess that he had plagiarized a paper while in law school — the Syracuse University Law School, that is — and he was out of the presidential race even before the corn stalks withered in Iowa.

As Biden learned the hard way, a Syracuse University affiliation offers no immunity to the plagiarism bug. Harvard’s does. Yale’s does. And Princeton’s will likely do the same. But even the Ivy schools require the individual to boost his/her/their natural Ivy immunity with renewable doses of progressive toxins.No Ivy Leaguer has done more to earn his immunity than “History’s Attack Dog,” Princeton University professor Kevin Kruse. In addition to his more prosaic tasks at Princeton, Kruse has assumed the responsibility of patrolling the daily news. “Online,” observes Emma Pettit in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “the historian specializes in serialized posts, called threads, that lend historical context to breaking news or skewer a version of history spouted by right-wing agitators.” It is the skewering that has netted Kruse his 502,000 followers on Twitter.

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Would there have been an Obama had abortion been legal in 1960?


If Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, had been alive today, we can be confident she would have been among the loudest voices at whatever pro-abortion protest would have her.

As Obama describes his mother in his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” Ann was “a lonely witness for secular humanism, a soldier for New Deal, Peace Corps, position-paper liberalism.” And she was all these things before such things were cool.

Her parents were a bit more traditional. In the summer of 1960, they faced a dilemma. Their daughter was pregnant, and she had alerted them that the father was black. Today, a mixed-race couple can make a living just starring in TV commercials.

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How war in Ukraine became a punch line to a joke

June 25, 2022 WND

When I drove by a liberal church in my neighborhood recently and saw that they had replaced their Ukrainian decorations with 19 little chairs – Uvalde, get it? – I had to ask myself, “Is there still a war going on in Ukraine?”

A few months ago, Ukrainian President Zelensky could be forgiven for thinking that liberal America had no higher priority than to see him repel the dread Russian invaders. If proof were needed, during a one-month span from mid-February to mid-March, the three main broadcast TV networks – CBS, NBC, ABC – dedicated more air time to the war in Ukraine than they had to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan during any given month.

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The issue Naomi Wolf needs to take on next


Former consultant to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and one time poster girl for third wave feminism, Naomi Wolf has seen the light, and it was COVID mania that turned on the switch. For those of us who lived our lives in 2020-2021 much as we had in 2019, Wolf’s new book, “The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human,” comes as a revelation.

Wolf shows us from the inside what happened to “my people, my tribe, my whole life, the progressive, right-on, part of the ideological world” during the presumed pandemic, and it wasn’t pretty. “It was as if these communities were in the grip of a collective hallucination,” Wolf writes, “like the witch crazes of the sixteen and seventeenth century.”

“Whole understandings and belief systems were abandoned overnight,” she continues. “Intelligent, informed people suddenly saw things that were not there and were unable to see things that were incontrovertibly before their faces.”

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When Dem gun rhetoric gets downright dangerous

American Thinker

The Democrats’ plan to shift the blame for inner-city mayhem from their own self-destructive policies to guns in general, and the AR-15 in particular, reached something of a high-water mark on Saturday.

At the Missouri variant of the so-called “March for Our Lives Rally,” Kansas City’s ambitious young mayor, Quinton Lucas, fired away with a comment so false in so many ways that even deposed San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin would have been embarrassed to utter it.

Said Lucas for the ages, “I feel like in Missouri these days, if you cross the state line, they say, ‘Welcome. Here’s an AR-15. Good luck.'” Knowing Kansas City as well as I do — I live in one of its more liberal neighborhoods — I almost choked on my arugula when reading this. Lucas, I suspect, is banking on the Kansas City Star’s paywall to protect sensible people from calling him out on this nonsense.

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Are the Obamas prepping for the Apocalypse?

Jewish Voice

I got a tip from a friend who describes himself as the “hated conservative on Martha’s Vineyard in the Peoples’ Republic of Massachusetts.” According to a June 7 notice in the MV Times, the Obamas of Turkeyland Cove Road made an unprecedented request of the Edgarton select board.

As reported, the Obamas asked the board’s permission to install a 2,500-gallon commercial propane tank on their property. “We’ve never had a private propane tank come to us,” select board member Arthur Smadbeck told the MV Times. Board member Michael Donaroma added that a private-residence propane tank is typically a fraction of the quantity being requested.

On an island that is as prone to storms as Martha’s Vineyard, it would not be unusual for a home to have a back-up generator, but no one apparently has a commercial-grade 2,500-gallon tank at a price tag that could range as high as $75,000. It should be noted that propane is a byproduct of either petroleum refining or natural gas processing. This means propane is subject to the same law of supply and demand as its sources. People who heat their homes with natural gas are told to expect a 54% increase in next year’s energy costs, but then again the Obamas stopped looking at price tags long ago.

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‘2000 Mules’ and the ‘don’t wanna know’ Republicans

Last week I argued on these pages that the left timed the release of the Alito brief to offset the premier of Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules.” If so, the left miscalculated. The film did not need any woke offsetting. The “don’t wanna know” (DWK) Right was up to the job.

For the timid Right, “Mules” was a Level 5 DWK. Never before had its thought leaders been confronted with an exposure this consequential and this exquisitely well documented.

If D’Souza and his collaborators at True the Vote are right, all the DWK talking points of the last 20 months are shot. The Democrats did steal the presidential election. They also stole the Senate with their capture of the two Georgia seats. And the Jan. 6 crowd was right to protest, arguably even to riot – peacefully, of course.

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Was Supreme Court leak timed to mute ‘2,000 Mules’?

May 7, 2022 WND

On Monday evening, I and thousands of other people laid down $20 apiece at 270 neighborhood theaters across America to watch the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, “2,000 Mules.”

On a night of pouring rain in Kansas City, some 250 people filled our theater to capacity and broke into a spontaneous chant of “USA! USA!” at movie’s end.

The movie was that cathartic. Like D’Souza’s Greek chorus of Salem radio hosts – Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Seb Gorka, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk – the moviegoers strongly suspected the election was stolen, but they needed to see how it was stolen.

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