Was Supreme Court leak timed to mute ‘2,000 Mules’?

May 7, 2022 WND

On Monday evening, I and thousands of other people laid down $20 apiece at 270 neighborhood theaters across America to watch the premiere of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, “2,000 Mules.”

On a night of pouring rain in Kansas City, some 250 people filled our theater to capacity and broke into a spontaneous chant of “USA! USA!” at movie’s end.

The movie was that cathartic. Like D’Souza’s Greek chorus of Salem radio hosts – Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Seb Gorka, Eric Metaxas, Charlie Kirk – the moviegoers strongly suspected the election was stolen, but they needed to see how it was stolen.

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Obama goes full Orwell in scary Stanford speech


A week ago Barack Obama let loose his inner fascist and gave an hour-long speech at Stanford University that deserved more attention than it got.

“I’m pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist,” Obama told his audience and then spent the rest of the hour proving he is anything but. In fact, the Obama that emerges in this speech is one scary dude.

The one sentence that most alarmed me began thusly, “The way I’m going to evaluate any proposal touching on social media and the internet is whether it strengthens or weakens the prospects for a healthy, inclusive democracy.”

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The last flight out on ‘Karen Air’


Oh, if only U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle had struck down the airplane mask mandate a week ago, ideally in mid-flight, the skies might have gotten much friendlier that day.

Flying out of Newark to Kansas City, I drew as seat mate in our two-across alignment a Karen right out of central casting: 60-ish, skittish, frumpy. I did not expect resistance. I had made close to 20 round trips during the mask era without encountering such a creature.

Most of those trips had been in and out of Tampa, arguably the sanest big city in America. It seems only fitting that the lawsuit that led to Mizelle’s decision was filed last year in Tampa.

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Unapologetic Tony Dungy Smokes Out Obama’s Betrayal of Black America

April 17, 2022 American Thinker

Tony Dungy, the first black coach ever to win a Super Bowl, might have escaped notice this week had he merely supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Responsible Fatherhood Initiative.” His real sin was to explain why.

Dungy, a Christian father of eleven, recounted a conversation he had years back with the Rev. Abe Brown about Brown’s prison ministry. At Brown’s request, Dungy accompanied him to prison. Expecting to find hardened criminals, Dungy found instead “19- and 20- and 21-year-old kids who looked like my boys.” When Dungy asked what accounted for the young men’s incarceration, Beown told him told him, “Its not socioeconomic. It’s not racial. It’s not education. It’s none of that. Ninety-five percent of these boys did not grow up with their dad.”

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Climate fascists shackle gay weather icon


With the possible exception of Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, veteran TV weatherman Gary Lezak is the best-known and most loved personality in all of Kansas City.

For 30 years now, the openly gay Lezak has been predicting the weather on the city’s NBC affiliate, KSHB-TV, often accompanied by his celebrity dogs – Windy, Breezy, Stormy, and now Sunny.

So popular is Lezak locally that he must have thought he was above the rules. He must have forgotten that, on the subject of climate, he was not allowed to tell the truth.

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How ‘diversity’ ruined the Oscars


In 1998, I was among the 55 million Americans who watched the Oscars. I probably went to an Oscar watch party and likely saw all five of the films nominated for best picture. To be sure, Hollywood had been heading slowly south for the previous 30 years, but I hung in there anyhow.

This year, I was not among the 15 million people who watched the Oscars. I had seen only three of the 10 top movies and only two in the theater. And had not Will Smith bitch-slapped host Chris Rock, I might not have even known the Oscars had come and gone.

Moments after the slap heard round the world, Smith won the best actor Oscar for his role in the film “King Richard.” The audience applauded as if they had not just watched an arguably criminal case of assault. No big deal. A few years back they gave a standing O to child-rapist Roman Polanski.

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Why was Ashley Biden’s diary better vetted than Steele’s dossier?


In a lengthy, breathless article in the Sunday New York Times, reporters Adam Goldman and Michael Schmidt express their shock that a media organization might actually be doing real journalism.

Specifically, they detail how and why Project Veritas operatives obtained the diary of President Joe’s troubled daughter, Ashley Biden, and how they vetted the diary to assure its authenticity.

As it happens, Goldman and Schmidt were each part of the team that shared a Pulitzer with the Washington Post in 2018 for their “coverage of President Donald Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia.”

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Squeezing a Trayvon ‘correction’ out of the New York Times

March 23, 2022 American Thinker

The Zimmerman case should never have come to trial. With the mob pressing hard, state authorities arrested Zimmerman only after

On the left, the real girlfriend. On the right, Trump's impostor.

The real girlfriend on the left. The false witness on the right.

attorney Benjamin Crump manufactured a “phone witness,” a grossly overweight and mentally challenged 19-year-old who claimed to be Trayvon’s “puppy love.” Filmmaker Joel Gilbert found the real 16-year-old girlfriend. I would recommend Times staff watch The Trayvon Hoax.

Zimmerman did not face not an “all-white” jury as the Times video claimed. One of the six jurors was an Afro-Puerto Rican. They acquitted Zimmerman because they heard and saw the evidence.

Although the Times chose not to share this info, Zimmerman was an Hispanic civil rights activist, the active mentor of two Black teens, and an Obama supporter. I have never seen a more consequential story so grossly misreported. The Times admitted finally to an “error” but carried on as before with a hundred other deceptions.

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Ukraine reporting has echoes of Spanish Civil War


In following events in Ukraine, or trying to, I find myself wondering why, with all of our ability to communicate today, reporting is no more trustworthy than it was a century ago.

I suspect that when the dust settles we will find as much conscious misreporting as we did during that classic of disinformation, the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. By way of background, a Popular Front coalition, composed of a variety of socialist and communist parties, had won a narrow victory in Spain’s general elections in February 1936.

Although the anarchists had a powerful presence in Spain, they did not participate in the election. They did, however, participate in the unrest that followed the election, and that led to a state of near anarchy throughout the country. The Soviets joined in as well on the side of the left.

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The New York Times Hasn’t Always Cared About Ukrainians

American Thinker

At his CPAC speech on Saturday, former President Donald Trump could not have been clearer in his denunciation of Vladimir Putin.

A friend of Stalin, the Times Walter Duranty chose to conceal the Soviet terror-famine.

“The Russian attack on Ukraine is appalling,” said Trump. “it’s an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur.”

Yet the fact that Trump called Putin “smart” and “savvy” is, for the New York Times, prima facie evidence of his affection for Mother Russia. Indeed, the Times had the nerve to run a delusional op-ed on Sunday headlined, “How the American Right Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Russia.”

Earth to the New York Times: No one on the right is pulling for Putin. The Times is pushing this Russia-love narrative both to salvage some political gain from Biden’s catastrophic foreign policy and to cover for its own historic indifference to the Ukrainian people.

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