President Trump Makes One Sorry Ass Fascist

September 7, 2020 American Thinker

At the executive level, for all the mindless chatter about President Trump as Hitler or worse, it is not he who deserves the label “fascist.” By American standards, that honor goes to President Obama and his fierce little toady, Joe Biden. On every fascist metric, Obama beats Trump by a giant goose step. One could argue that Trump “exalts nation” more than Obama, and that is true, but not “above the individual.” For Obama, like all socialists, national socialists included, the individual was expected to subordinate his interests to those of the state.

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Reparations? Imagine Obama’s $4 billion ‘Pigford’ scam on steroids

September 5, 2020 WND

In April 2013, however, with the president safely reelected and Andrew Breitbart dead, the New York Times did the unexpected. The Times ran a major exposé on Pigford, calling the legal action “a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees.”

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How Undercover Journalism Turned the Tide in 2016

September 3, 2020 American Thinker

“I’m saying we have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit.  Make no mistake,” Democratic operative Scott Foval told the Project Veritas reporter. “Over the last twenty years, I’ve paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff, and I’ve also taken them for dinner, and I’ve also made sure they had a hotel and a shower, and I put them in a program.  Like I’ve done that.  But the reality is, a lot of people, especially, our union guys, a lot of union guys, they’ll do whatever you want.  They’re rock ‘n roll.”


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Talking Domestic Terrorism Live In-Studio on the Hagmann Report

September 1, 2020 WND.COM

I had the opportunity to spend two hours with Doug on his exceptional program and lunch afterwards as well. When Doug asked what I thought would happen in the next sixty days I offered a metaphor from real life. In March 1971, my friends from grad school and I drove from Purdue to Gary, Indiana to watch a large screen presentation of the first Ali-Frazier fight. We were among the only few white people in the joint. Many times, before and since, I have found myself in venues with comparable ratios, but never one in which the racial tension was so raw and palpable.

In Gary and beyond, no fight had so racially polarized America in decades. This, I thought, is what Ali had wrought. He had the crowd not so much pulling for him as against the imagined race traitor, Joe Frazier, and anyone, black or white, who dared cheer for him. Gary, that night, was a cauldron of hate, a harrowing, volatile place to be. Still, the fight proved to be worth the risk. It was both brutal and brilliant as only great fights can be. Going into the fifteenth, it seemed to all of us too close to call. “OK,” I said to my friends between rounds, “we’re out of here.” They resisted. I explained patiently that if Ali lost a fight that the crowd expected him to win, there would be hell to pay, and we’d likely do the paying. I talked them into standing at the top of the aisle. In the fifteenth round, Frazier knocked Ali clean off his feet. The crowd anger turned from us to Ali. One angry black man stormed by us at the exit. “Muhammad Ali, my ass,” he growled. “That’s Cassius Clay.” My point: expect a knock out punch from Trump in the fifteenth round, and the mobs to leave deflated.

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Legal Insurrection Review: “I Give the Book Six Out of Five Stars”

August 31, 2020 Legal Insurrection

I strongly recommend this book, especially because the mainstream media is in full disinformation mode during the 2020 election cycle. Cashill’s work gives us a clear insight into the playbook of elite news organizations that is still in use today, including the promotion of the “Fine People Hoax” that is such a significant part of the Biden campaign. The book will also be a handy reference for recalling the true, malign nature of Obama’s presidency. It is not likely that leftist historians will delve into depth in “Fast and Furious,” “Solyndra,” or “Spygate.”

I give the book 6 out of 5 stars. It’s a must-have for history buffs and political geeks, and it would be a great gift to give friends or family who have begun questioning the media’s representation of riots in our cities as “fiery but peaceful.

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Why Your Sons Refuse to Read


One major reason they don't read is the effete dreck they are assigned to read in school.  

Last year, in the best performing public high school in Kansas, 45 percent of the school’s tenth-graders tested not proficient in English Language Arts.  In the worst performing school, an incredible 97 percent of the tenth graders tested not proficient.  In the average suburban high school, inevitably considered “excellent” by town boosters, 60 to 80 percent of the students failed to reach the low bar of proficiency in language arts.

The KSDE does not break the scores out by gender, but if it did, the boys would be the ones pulling the numbers down.  They pull the language numbers down wherever tested. High school failures lead to underperformance in college.  In 2018, for instance, females earned nearly 59 percent of all the academic degrees awarded in the United States.  The Department of Education expects the trend to continue.  By 2027, women are projected earn 151 college degrees for every 100 degrees earned by men.

One major reason for male failure is the effete dreck boys are assigned to read in schools.

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Obama’s Monster Has Escaped the Lab, Now What?

American Spectator

“Liberalism,” as understood in the post-war era, would die on Obama’s watch. Replacing it was “progressivism.” This was much more than a casual name change. If liberals could envision a harmonious future, benign and paternal, orderly and safe, progressives could not.

“Progressive,” in fact, represents the left’s rare bit of honest branding. At the risk of tautology, progressives “progress.” Unchecked, that progress inevitably creates monsters — from the Parisian sans culottes to the German bully boys of the Sturmabteilung to the Chinese Red Guards to the multicultural mob now terrorizing a neighborhood near you.

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How The CIA Used The Media to Ensnare Michael Flynn

August 30, 2020 Conservative Treehouse

If Vladimir Putin was willing to help President Barack Obama seal the misbegotten Iranian nuclear deal, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA),was not. His resistance made him a target, especially once he started advising candidate Donald Trump. As to who launched the disinformation campaign against Flynn, the jury is still out. Best evidence, however, suggests forces within the CIA working in tandem with its friends in the media.

The co-conspirators started publicly setting the trap with a February 2016 Reuters article teasingly titled, “Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties.” This was a bold gambit. As recently as July 2015 Obama was telling Tom Friedman of the New York Times, “We would have not achieved this [Iran nuclear] agreement had it not been for Russia’s willingness to stick with us and the other P5-Plus members in insisting on a strong deal.” Just months later, it was thought troubling that Flynn would advise Trump to “work more closely with Russia to resolve global security issues.”

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Trump Flotilla Conquers New York’s Lake Chautauqua


Nearly 200 boats took to the choppy waters of western New York’s Lake Chautauqua on Sunday in in a show of support for President Donald Trump. Although Ronald Reagan won the state in 1984, it is highly unlikely that Trump will repeat that performance. He has, however, taken over Chautauqua County and virtually all of the state’s counties beyond metropolitan New York.

In 2008, Barack Obama won the majority of Chautauqua County’s votes. In 2016, Trump won the county by a 20 point margin, a margin he may expand in 2020. The energy level on Sunday was reminiscent of the energy Obama engendered in 2008.

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New York’s Big Brother Has Gone Bananas

August 29, 2020 American Thinker

In reading the New York State travel advisory, I am reminded of one of my favorite scenes from a Woody Allen movie, this one from Bananas.  Having ascended to power, the dictatorial rebel leader Esposito announces his new rules for San Marcos:

“From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. … In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now…16 years old!”

Woody’s character Fielding Mellish cracks, “What’s the Spanish word for straitjacket?”  The Spanish word is camisa de fuerza.  The Swedish word is tvångströja.  In any language, Gov. Andrew Cuomo surely needs one.  It is bad enough that he is running the state by executive order.  Worse is that the orders are nuts.  If Woody Allen were to make a comic version of 1984, he could model “Big Brother” on Andrew Cuomo.

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