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    “The Fight to Tell the True Story of Failed Presidency,” Unmasking Obama is now available wherever you buy books. This is the fifteenth of the books I have authored or co-authored.

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    Have worked very discreetly with some 20 authors on their books and have written the scripts for at least 20 documentaries, including the one above with Pope Benedict XVI.

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    Here addressing TWA veterans on the subject of my 2016 book, TWA Flight 800. This is one of my ten presentations on Book-TV, all available through C-SPAN II.


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Details NOT included in Obama’s new memoir

November 26, 2020 WND

Barack Obama’s long delayed new memoir, “A Promised Land,” debuted on Tuesday. Although I have not read all of it, I have read enough to know what Obama has chosen not to tell about his early years and his ascendancy to the Senate.

What Obama misses most is terrorist friend Bill Ayers. Without Ayers’ editorial input, the book reads as though Ward Cleaver had written it about winning a seat on the Mayfield City Council. The style is that flaccid. Ayers, however, lent Obama’s first memoir, the 1995 “Dreams from My Father,” more than a sense of style. He lent the book its sense of rage.

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Inexplicable: The strange vote numbers in Wisconsin’s 8th District


What makes no obvious sense is that Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher received nearly 15% more votes in Brown County than Trump did, or 11,175 total. This pattern persisted throughout the district. In Outagamie County, the district’s second-most populous county, Gallagher outperformed Trump by 11%. In Marinette County, Gallagher received 8% more votes despite Trump’s triumphant visit in June to the county’s historic shipyard, Fincantieri Marinette Marine.

“And you now have a lot of contracts because of the United States government,” said Trump over the frequent applause. “You’re going to – you’re going to be so busy. You’re going to be so busy. I know you went through a little bit of a hard time; not anymore. Not anymore. Got you covered for years.”

District-wide Gallagher outpaced Trump by about 11%. That translates to 26,228 votes. If Trump and Gallagher had merely run even, Trump would have carried the state of Wisconsin by more than 5,000 votes.

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Hypocrisy Alert: Obama Won First Election By Challenging Voter Fraud

November 18, 2020 American Thinker

The one supporter said of the signatures on Palmer’s petition: “They’re terrible. Worst I’ve ever seen. All those Negroes who were trying to bully you out of the race, they didn’t bother actually doing the work. This could get her knocked off the ballot.”  Writes Obama: “It was true; the petitions Alice had submitted appeared to be filled with invalid signatures: people whose addresses were outside the district, multiple signatures with different names but the same handwriting.”

After months of hearing there is no evidence of voter fraud anywhere, young readers have to be shocked to learn just how casually Democratic politicians resorted to fraud (and still do) in cities like Chicago. When Obama wavered about challenging Palmer’s signatures, a fellow supporter upbraided him. “If you let this go, you might as well go back to being a professor and whatnot, ’cause politics is not for you,” she told him. “You will get chewed up and won’t be doing anybody a damn bit of good.”

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60 Minutes’ Scarily Ignorant Interview of Barack Obama

November 17, 2020 American Thinker

Interviewer Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes supplied the ignorance. He appears to have no more knowledge of what transpired during the past four years than does, say, a Whoopi Goldberg or a Kathy Griffin. Barack Obama supplied the scare. His solution to make the right half of America as ignorant as the left would do Trotsky proud.

Pelley’s ignorance flared throughout the embarrassingly sycophantic interview, but it reached something of a crescendo with his and Obama’s elaborate discussion on the etiquette of presidential transitions. While images played of the Obamas welcoming the Trumps to the White House, Obama blathered on about the “set of traditions” that presidents have always followed of instructing various agencies “to cooperate” with the incoming administration. The outgoing president, Obama pontificated, “owes the new president a chance to do their best.”

Pelley nodded approvingly, perhaps even unaware of what was going on behind the scenes while the always gracious Obama was greeting the brutish Donald Trump.

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