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    “The Fight to Tell the True Story of Failed Presidency,” Unmasking Obama is now available wherever you buy books. This is the fifteenth of the books I have authored or co-authored.

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    Have worked very discreetly with some 20 authors on their books and have written the scripts for at least 20 documentaries, including the one above with Pope Benedict XVI.

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    Here addressing TWA veterans on the subject of my 2016 book, TWA Flight 800. This is one of my ten presentations on Book-TV, all available through C-SPAN II.


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Florida 2018: The Election That Saved America (and Maybe the World)

January 19, 2022 American Spectator

The photo of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) dining happily with her beau outdoors in South Beach just before the New Year confirmed what Floridians already knew: Florida had emerged as an international symbol of sanity and liberty. “Welcome to Florida, AOC!” Team DeSantis tweeted. “We hope you’re enjoying a taste of freedom here in the Sunshine State thanks to @RonDeSantisFL’s leadership.”

In his State of the State address on Tuesday, Gov. DeSantis reiterated the theme. “Together,” he said, “we have made Florida the freest state in these United States. While so many around the country have consigned the people’s rights to the graveyard, Florida has stood as freedom’s vanguard.”

The Florida gubernatorial election of 2018 may well prove to have more impact on the history of the nation than the 2020 presidential election.

There was nothing inevitable about Florida’s emergence as a vanguard of freedom. A photo out of South Beach in the COVID-panicked month of March 2020 reminded Floridians of the bullet they had dodged just a year earlier. There, in a Miami Beach hotel room, lay popular Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum — on the VP short list for every White presidential candidate — naked and incoherent among a sea of meth bags. Gillum’s “date,” a White male stripper in even worse shape, lay nearby. The charming “family man” had a lot of ’splainin’ to do.

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How Brandon first got himself elected to the Senate


My source on this story is an unusual one. I refer here to mob hitman and labor organizer, Frank Sheeran, the central figure in Charles Brandt’s non-fiction saga, “I Heard You Paint Houses.”

When the book was published in 2004, the media took little or no notice of Sheeran’s revelations about Joe Biden, then a U.S. senator from Delaware. When the “Irishman,” the movie version of the book, was produced in 2019, the Biden material did not make the cut.

Ironically, as shall be seen, the 1972 incident in question prefigured in a low-tech way the high-tech shenanigans that got Biden nominally elected president nearly 50 years later.

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Liz, the real insurrection began on Jan. 5 … 2017


Merriam-Webster defines “insurrection” as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” This being so, the one real insurrection within anyone’s memory was hatched on Jan. 5, 2017.

The conspirators met in the White House on that day to plot a quiet coup against President-elect Donald Trump. Presiding was President Barack Obama. Joining him was his national security team including all the usual suspects: the FBI’s Jim Comey, the CIA’s John Brennan, Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Following the meeting, Obama asked Yates and Comey to stick around along with Rice, his trusted scribe and factotum. Obama had a reason for singling out Comey and Yates. Unlike the others, they were staying on in their jobs.

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Where were the feminists when Kim Potter needed them?


“Growing up, I was told that a woman cannot pursue a man’s job,” a woman says in an FBI recruitment video. “But I want to prove them wrong. Now that I’m here one of my primary goals is to help in the FBI effort to recruit more diversity, more women.”

For the last 30 years or more, under pressure from feminist groups, local police forces across the nation have been doing what the FBI is doing now: adjusting their standards to recruit more women. As the case of Brooklyn, Minnesota, police officer Kim Potter proved, however, feminists are quick to abandon the very women their propaganda has helped recruit.

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