‘In the Old America, This Would Provoke an Uprising’

November 24, 2023 American Thinker

No stranger to hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton set a breathtaking new standard with her denunciation of convicted meme jokester Douglass Mackey. The context was an April 2023 discussion with former House speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, where Hillary is reportedly a professor.

“Democracy requires at least a minimal level of trust,” said Hillary with the semblance of a straight face. “So if we are going to turn our politics over to people who — maybe just for the heck of it — are making up stuff to misrepresent leaders, or maybe because they know they can achieve it if they do, then where does this stop?”

Mackey’s crime was to pass along a meme he found online titled, “Save Time, Avoid the Line.” This meme, said Hillary, who knows something about election subversion, “went from speech to action meant to subvert the election.” Graced with a picture of a smiling Hillary, the meme then directed readers to text their vote to a given number. Try as hard as they might, prosecutors could not find not a single one of the “thousands of people” Hillary claimed to have been affected by this transparent joke.

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How George Floyd Actually Died

American Spectator

As it happens, my office overlooks the main drag of Kansas City’s counterculture/ homeless hub. On one lonely day during the weird COVID spring of 2020, I heard screaming out on the street, not unusual here, but when it persisted, I went down to check it out.

What I saw wasn’t pretty. A white male Kansas City police officer was kneeling on the neck of a woman. My first thought? “Thank God she’s white.” The woman was large and rambunctious. Using just a well-applied knee, the officer managed to hold her in place for at least ten minutes until back-up arrived. The arriving cops slipped a Hannibal-the-Cannibal mask over her face. That wasn’t pretty either. Take-downs never are. I had considered recording the incident on my cellphone, but I chose not to. In retrospect, I should have. (READ MORE from Jack Cashill: The Semantic Burden of Speaking While White)

From the moment I saw the edited video of George Floyd’s arrest a few weeks later, I knew better than to accept the media verdict. Derek Chauvin used exactly the same maneuver my local cop did. The woman in Kansas City had lungs enough to wake a neighborhood. Floyd did not. The problem, I suspected, was not with Chauvin, but with Floyd.

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Michelle Obama: The Black Face of White Flight

November 9, 2023 American Thinker

Last weekend, former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod kicked the Democrat barn doors open, suggesting on X that it may be time “to change horses.” If that horse just happens to be former first lady Michelle Obama, America will be in for one hell of a ride. Knowing her potential to spark turmoil within the party, Axelrod hedged his bets.

“A lot will happen in the next year that no one can predict & Biden’s team says his resolve to run is firm,” he cautioned. “He’s defied [conventional wisdom] before but this will send tremors of doubt thru the party — not ‘bed-wetting,’ but legitimate concern.” The “this” to which Axelrod referred was a poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by comfortable margins in five of six swing states and hanging close in the sixth.

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Nashville manifesto shows us how CRT grows the ‘T’ in LGBT


“The number of young people who identify as transgender has nearly doubled in recent years,” the New York Times informed us a year ago. Not surprisingly the study found that people 13 to 25 accounted for a disproportionately largely share of the transgender population. “The bewildering question,” asked one doctor, is “why this is all happening.”

An answer to that question might be found in the “manifesto” left behind by Nashville school shoot shooter “Aiden” (born “Audrey Elizabeth”) Hale, the aspiring transgender who shot and killed three 9-year-olds and three staff members at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27, 2023.

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What Tucker and Megyn Kelly missed in their Chauvin exposés


Giving credit where it’s due, popular podcasters Tucker Carlson and Megyn Kelly recently ignored the media taboo and openly addressed the railroading of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and his three colleagues.

As refreshing as their discussions were, both Carlson and Kelly seemed unaware of a critical bit of exculpatory information that was first revealed more than two years ago. At that time, no one at their level in the media dared address the obvious injustice unfolding in Minneapolis. As the world knows, the four officers were imprisoned for their respective roles in the death of chronic felon and drug abuser George Floyd in May of 2020.

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Zimmerman, Wilson, Chauvin and The Rise of Jacobin Justice

October 30, 2023 American Thinker

Earlier this week, I attended the theatrical debut of Dinesh D’Souza’s compelling new documentary Police State. As much as I liked the movie, there was one subject left unexplored: the ironic fact that, today, among those most vulnerable to the “police state” are local police. Searching for a more inclusive metaphor than “police state” to describe our current state of peril, I reached into the past and came up with “Jacobin Justice.” In the way of background, the left-wing Jacobins were the most powerful political faction to emerge during the French Revolution.

The power of this bourgeois elite derived from their ability to manage the Parisian mobs. To satisfy the mob’s bloodlust, the Jacobins imposed a state of revolutionary justice untethered to any traditional sense of Judeo-Christian morality. The result was a reign of terror that saw more than 10,000 people tried and executed.

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Who Are the ‘Apes’ in Obama’s Poem ‘Underground’?

American Spectator

When he was a 19-year-old sophomore at Occidental College, two of Barack Obama’s poems — “Underground” and “Pop” — found their way into the spring 1981 edition of the college’s literary magazine, Feast. The poem that interested me most was “Pop,” a poem that I correctly deduced was about Obama’s mentor, the communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis. I overlooked the poem “Underground,” however, and may have misjudged it.


Under water grottos, caverns
Filled with apes
That eat figs.
Stepping on the figs
That the apes
Eat, they crunch.
The apes howl, bare
Their fangs, dance,
Tumble in the
Rushing water,
Musty, wet pelts
Glistening in the blue.

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Missouri governor can stymie Dems’ war on cops


Eric and Sarah DeValkenaere

“Murder and involuntary manslaughter arising from criminal negligence are two different things,” said Missouri Circuit Court Judge J. Dale Youngs in handing Kansas City police officer Eric Devalkenaere a six-year prison sentence.

“They are different legal concepts. They are different things.

is not Derek Chauvin who murdered George Floyd.” As it turns out Derek Chauvin is not the Derek Chauvin who murdered George Floyd for the simple reason that George Floyd wasn’t murdered.  Thanks to the release of depositions in an ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit, we now know that the case against Chauvin was rigged to satisfy the lynch mobs howling for his head.

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