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by Jack Cashill
Published in WorldNetDaily.com - November 12, 2009

Scott Roeder, the accused murderer of late term Wichita abortionist George Tiller, admitted killing Tiller earlier this week in an interview with the Associated Press.

Roeder told the AP that the shooting was provoked by "the fact [that] preborn children's lives were in imminent danger." He plans to plea “not-guilty” and hopes to use this “necessity defense” at trial.

Roeder’s public defenders, however, were quick to disown this strategy if for no other reason that the Kansas Supreme Court rejected a similar defense in an abortion clinic trespassing case in 1993.

Indeed, were Tiller legally performing a state sanctioned service, however malevolent, it is hard to imagine that Roeder’s hoped-for strategy would have much of a chance.

In a similar vein, if the accused Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Malik Hasan, were to argue that an “unjust” war in Afghanistan provoked his murderous rampage, he would have little hope of acquittal.

Hasan’s chances would likely improve, however, had he gone to the base to shoot those specific soldiers who were torturing captives to death and escaping justice thanks to a corrupt Army judicial system.

Were the courts to deny Hasan a “necessity defense” in a case like that the media would howl to the heavens and well they ought.

As has been painfully evident, the media have expressed more support for inconvenienced terrorists than they have for the exterminated unborn, even those capable of living outside the womb.

Consequently, the media have no use for Scott Roeder save as a way of clubbing Christians in general and pro-lifers in particular. Already, left-leaning bloggers are equating Hasan’s actions with Roeder’s and calling it all square.

(Word to the left: Timothy McVeigh was not a “right-leaning white Christian.” He was an anti-war atheist, whose mantra was “Science is my religion.”)

Say what one will, Roeder was not a terrorist. There was nothing random about his actions. Nor was Tiller an innocent victim. Far from it.

In the scenario above, Tiller was the torturer who gamed the system to escape justice. He specialized in late term abortions and performed them for any reason whatsoever.

As the annual reports from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment reports show in ten years not one single late term abortion that Tiller performed saved the life of the mother.  This life-saving hokum was pure liberal media myth.

The reports also show that of the 192 late term abortions on healthy babies performed in 2008—98 percent on women from out of state--none were performed for a legitimate “medical emergency.”

Every single late-term abortion involved a temporary mental health diagnosis, made, of course, by Tiller, who is no one’s idea of a mental health expert.

Dr. Paul McHugh is one such expert. He served as Chair of the School of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University for 25 years.

After reviewing Tiller’s files, McHugh concluded that not one of them showed anything close to the potential "severe and irreversible impairment” to the mother needed to justify a late-term abortion under Kansas law.

Dr. McHugh taped a video discussing the files that can be accessed on youtube: 

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mviFMpy_sBU

McHugh reveals that Tiller would perform a late-term abortion for reasons such as a mother not wanting to hire a babysitter when she attended rock concerts or a mother not wanting to miss the prom or the rodeo circuit.

Tiller had used the revenue from these abortions—he boasted of having aborted 60,000 “fetuses over 24 weeks”—to buy off the state’s “moderate” establishment, including the sitting governor.

Over the years, he pumped literally millions into the Kansas political system to accomplish this. In 2006, his money helped amplify the media cheerleading to unseat intrepid Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

Kline had had the nerve to charge Tiller with taking the life of fifteen fully viable unborn babies whose mothers were equally healthy in utter disregard of Kansas law. Kline had to go.

After Kline’s defeat, but while these charges were still under review, Kansas Governor –and now HHS Secretary—Kathleen Sebelius honored Tiller and his staff at an elegant but extremely discreet soiree at Cedar Crest, the governor’s Mansion.

Among the more revealing of the photos taken at the event is one of Sebelius holding a T-Shirt presented to her by Tiller, which reads, “Trifecta 2006: Sebelius, Parkinson, Morrison.”

In the photo, Sebelius points at Tiller as if to acknowledge his contribution to her re-election and the booting of that troublesome Kline.

To no one’s great surprise, the new AG dropped the charges Kline had brought against Tiller. And a subsequent Democratic AG pursued a watered-down case against Tiller half-heartedly.

The jurors in the 2009 Tiller trial did not learn any more about Tiller’s illegal torture and murder of fully viable babies than the jurors in the Roeder trial are likely to.

Had Tiller gotten the trial he deserved, he would be where Roeder is today, but at least he would be alive.


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