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by Jack Cashill
Published in WND.com - March 11, 2010

The Thought Police on the Missouri University campus are playing out the Orwellian equivalent of the 1968 Chicago convention.

They are smacking defenseless students upside their metaphorical heads, and the whole world is watching or, if not, should be—a veritable Thought Police riot.

Unlike in Chicago, however, the media are cheering the police on. Reads one local headline, without a hint of humor, “Two students arrested for cotton ball hate crime.”

Cotton ball hate crime? Only in our allegedly post-racial America could a major campus dissolve into emotional meltdown over a “crime” committed with cotton balls.

It seems that two MU students indulged in an evening of hate th at included riding a Missouri tiger statue, hoisting a Jolly Roger flag at the ROTC building, and finally, scattering teeny hygienic cotton balls in front of the Black Culture Center.

Well, not an evening of hate: a few pranks and then some “hate.”

Center coordinator Nathan Stephens said he was initially “befuddled” because he had not heard of any crimes committed with cotton balls before but quickly came to understand that cotton balls represented "symbolic violence."

Presumably, it was the “thought” that the culprits projected on to the cotton balls that turned littering into a felony.

So deranged have the folks at the Black Culture Center been by the cotton ball hate crime that they have not yet found it in themselves to express the first word of concern for the 500 or so of their African brethren who were trapped in nets and hacked to death with machetes by their Muslim compatriots in Nigeria.

Now, that is a hate crime, nothing symbolic about it. Christian Nigerians know the difference between hating and teasing,

The Thought Police don’t. After receiving an anonymous tip—ratting out friends is PC unless the snitched-on are Soviet agents—they nabbed two students “on suspicion of a felony hate crime.” Although released on bail, they were immediately suspended from school.

I know, scarcely a day goes by when the Thought Police do not destroy the career of some poor sap for saying or doing something at which someone of some color somewhere takes some form of umbrage.

Macaca, anyone?

But when the Thought Police move from the campus to the streets, the consequences can be lethal, and the victims are almost inevitably black.

Thought Police cause the most problems when they interfere with real police. Cops know better than anyone that they can be ground to chopped meat on the sensitivity wheel for a thousand different missteps. Ernest Evans, a much bolder than average academic, has documented the risk factors involved when police have reason to fear that wheel.

In tracking the unusual upswing in mayhem in Kansas City in 2008 Evans noticed a pattern: the 2008 homicide rate stayed at 2007 levels everywhere in the city except the largely black East Patrol District. There, the numbers fully doubled.

Evans noticed a second, related trend. The city’s homicide rate in 2008 tracked with that of 2007 through the first several months of the year, but in the eight-month period beginning May 1, the city experienced a 60 percent increase in homicides over the same period in 2007.

Evans traces the explosion to a specific 2008 event, an April 11 Police Board hearing regarding the videotaped February 2006 arrest of a large, chunky Sudanese native named Sofia Salva.

The police had stopped the Salva for attempting to affix a temporary plate. On checking, they learned she had several outstanding city warrants for child abuse, trespassing and traffic violations, with bonds totaling nearly $5,000.

Given Salva’s track record, the two officers, one of them female, ignored her claim that she was bleeding from a possible miscarriage. Her premature baby died the next day shortly after she was released from jail. The city paid Salva $750,000 for her troubles.

As one cop told Evans, “Doc, there is no such thing as a nice takedown—they all look terrible on camera.” No matter. The two cops were offered up to expiate the angry gods of race and resentment.

“Five commissioners spent four hours needlessly badgering and humiliating the two officers involved in front of over 100 [visibly angry] members of the KCPD,” Evans wrote later of that April hearing. That treatment, he believes, “destroyed the last remnant of morale in the KCPD.”

Even before the hearing, Evans argues that “the frenzy of police bashing” by the city’s politicians, journalists and bloggers had already undermined KCPD morale.

Demoralized by the sacrificial axing of the two officers, their colleagues had good reason to fear being splayed on that same PC altar should they ever err or even seem to.

Based on evidence from other cities where the Thought Police had neutered the real ones, Evans anticipated that the KCPD would begin to pull back from policing minority neighborhoods out of a legitimate sense of self-preservation.

Just days after the hearing, he wrote in his own diary. “I fear that the violent crime rate in KCMO, already at the boiling point, will explode.” Right he was on both counts.

The MU incident meanwhile is training a new generation of white kids in the hazards of multiculturalism. There has been enough kickback on campus blogs to suspect that the two cotton ball dispensers will not be charged with a felony.

But the psychic damage has been done. After all the town hall meetings are over and the cries for “unity” fade away, the black students will retire to their multi-million Black Culture Center, and the white students will leave them alone.

Ah, diversity!

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