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August 2, 2017 -

Washington University in St. Louis is a school with pretentions of greatness. In the 2017 edition of Best Colleges Wash U ranked 19th in the nation. StartClass ranks it 24th.

Administrators charge tuition as though the university ranked even higher. In 2017, tuition and fees alone ran to a cool $49,000 and change.

Given the value parents place on each of the school’s students, administrators go out of their way to protect the little darlings when something bad happens on campus.

Something bad happened this week. Long time Dean of Students Justin Carroll pleaded guilty to federal child porn charges.  It seems that Carroll had a particular yen for “prepubescent minor males.”

In his plea deal, Carroll admitted to viewing no less than 15 videos and 600 still images of young boys performing various sex acts. One suspects there were many, many more.

Fortunately for Wash U, the students were out of school when the plea deal was arranged. They were in session, however, when the indictment came down in February.

In one low-key outburst of muted madness, administration and staff showed the world just what is wrong with university education today.

Had the students been the social justice warriors they claim to be, they would have been outraged not just at the dean—“MOperv” as he called himself online--but at the industry that he and other deviants enabled.

They would have sought to root out the cabals, many of them homosexual, that drug children and make them perform on camera.

They would have marched against the Internet sites that traffic in child porn to satisfy the demand of self-admitted perverts like Dean Carroll. At the very least, they would have reintroduced words like “pervert” and “deviant” to categorize porn junkies of all stripes.

These scenarios would assume that our progressive friends actually care about social justice. As the campus reaction to the dean’s bust showed, however, the only thing campus snowflakes really care about is themselves.

When the indictment came down in February, the campus Sexual Assault Rape Anonymous Helpline (S.A.R.A.H.) reached out to the sensitive young souls in its charge.

“Given recent events, we would like to extend a hand to the community and remind everyone that we are here as an anonymous, confidential, and peer-led resource to provide support in these challenging times. We encourage community members to seek support in whatever form they choose,” read S.A.R.A.H.’s Facebook post.

Challenging times? Exactly who here was being challenged?

Meanwhile The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center, in cooperation with S.A.R.A.H. and an entity called LIVE (Leaders in Interpersonal Violence), decided to extend its hours every day for the rest of that week “in order to support students.”

Students? How about the little boys who were being abused?

“Self-care can be practiced in a number of different ways,” said an administrator named Austin Sweeney, “and so, we’re really encouraging students to do that and process in whatever way feels most comfortable and safe for them.”

By title, Sweeney is a “Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Specialist.” Isn’t that special?

LIVE co-president Michael Collins knew Carroll from their work together enlisting a new dean of “the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.”

Say what you will about MOperv, but he did bring a little diversity to the table.

Collins encouraged students to attend campus therapy sessions to help them “process” the news. Said Collins, “I really encourage people to sit with the discomfort of this topic and to not quickly try and put it into a box.” 

No, they shouldn’t “sit” with anything. If they cared, they would get off their golden little butts and do something about the problem.

Former administrator Karen Coburn marveled at the university’s communal self-love.  “What has struck me about this place,” said Coburn, “is the way people reach out to each other. I feel as though a lot of us really need that, and I hope that students who need help will not sit in isolation.”

More sitting?

All of the above was reported with a straight face in Student Life, “The independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis.”

In the lengthy article not a word of concern was spent on the children forever traumatized to satisfy MOperv’s lust. Not a word of caution was raised about the hundreds of Wash U males undoubtedly feasting on a steady diet of pornography.

The final word goes to an administrator who captures the campus zeitgeist: “It’s devastating and shocking. I can’t put any other spin on it.  It’s a kind of thing you hope you never have to go through.”

You have to go through? How about the kids?



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