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Silenced: Flight 800 and The Subversion of Justice



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Click here for the Silenced DVD

or call 1- 800-771-2147 (days)

or 1-888-US AWARE x 800 (after hours).


Produced in 2001 and recently updated with additional footage, Silenced remains the definitive video account of what actually happened to TWA Flight 800. The video is an hour long and highly produced. It has galvanized the aviation community, as the following letter suggests:


“I am a retired airline pilot and viewed your tape. I am totally convinced that an outside source blew up TWA 800. In fact I went live on Fox TV on their 10 PM newscast that night and stated that fact. (I am their in-house spokesperson for aviation matters.)

I need your permission to show the tape on air and also try to bring this matter before . . . WE can muster up a number of pilots with thousands of hrs. and years and years of experience to augment and support your theory. Please contact me if you are interested in us pursuing this any further.”


Click here to buy the video.