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November 1, 2017 -

One of the surprising bright lights in the Hollywood firmament is the cable-TV station Turner Classic Movies. For 24 hours a day, TCM shows classic movies without edits and without apologies: Gone with the Wind, Blazing Saddles, you name it.

Monday of this week on TCM was anti-communist day. The most interesting of the day’s movies was the 1951 b-movie classic, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I.

The film was based on a series of true stories written by a communist infiltrator named Matt Cvetic that were later turned into a best-selling book and the movie in question.

There is good reason to question that the scene from the movie that follows is grounded in truth. In 1992, KGB Major Vasili Mitrokhin defected to Great Britain and brought with him a collection of notes he made secretly in his thirty years as a KGB archivist. 

British intelligence historian Christopher Andrew summarized those notes in two books, the first of which, the Sword and the Shield, was published in 2000.

As Andrew relates, in 1971 then KGB head, and later Soviet premiere, Yuri Andropov personally approved a series of active measures designed “to weaken the internal cohesion of the United States and undermine its international reputation by inciting race hatred.”

This included mailing racist letters and pamphlets allegedly from right wing American organizations like the John Birch Society and the Jewish Defense League to groups and individuals likely to be offended by them.  This strategy, writes Shields, “remained part of Service A’s stock-in-trade for the remainder of the cold war.”

It was a continuation of an old tradition, one that leftists in America adopted once the Soviet Union collapsed. The relevant scene in the movie begins at the end of the meeting attended largely by African Americans.

When visiting provocateur Gerhardt Eisler finishes speaking one black fellow stands and says, “That’s a gross exaggeration,” only to be shouted down.

Geisler concludes, “This section produces more steel than all the rest of the country put together. Move Pittsburgh an inch and we can move this country a mile. But, Pittsburgh is too quiet, too peaceful. To bring about the victory of Communism in America, we must incite riots, discontent, open warfare among the people. That is the purpose of tonight's meeting.”

After the meeting Eisler meets privately with Jim Blandon, a white Pittsburgh organizer, and Matt Cvetic, the FBI infiltrator. 


Eisler: A very enjoyable evening. Close the door. Blandon, you did exceedingly well

Blandon: [chuckles] Thanks. Those n****** ate it up, didn't they?

Cvetic: You mean, Negroes, don't you, Jim?

Blandon: [shrugs] Only when I'm trying to sell them the party line

Eisler: They're very useful comrades

Cvetic: There's going to be trouble on the streets tonight.

Blandon: Well, if there isn't, I've been wasting the Party's time. Anyone want a drink? Do you mind?

Eisler: Go ahead

Blandon: Comrades, comrades! You know, Matt calls them comrades too, only he believes it. You see, Matt, if one of that crowd goes out into the street tonight and picks a fight with a white man, and... well, kills him maybe... then he gets convicted by a White jury, we can go to bat and raise a defense fund. Am I correct, Mr Eisler?

Eisler: Ahha... just like in the Scottsboro case

Blandon: Exactly, do you know that the Party raised nearly two million? Yes, nearly two million dollars just to defend those six n****** and all it cost was 65,000...

Eisler: lose the case

Blandon: Right. Yes, we made a tremendous profit on that deal. Shall I tell him what was done with it?

Eisler: No, no. No, Blandon. I am afraid the National Committee wouldn't like that

Cvetic: In other words, Jim, your speech had a double purpose

Blandon: Bright boy, Matt. The Pittsburgh Branch needs dough. We're always in the red!

By its own “gross exaggerations” of alleged racism, the American left, with the media in the lead, has been “inciting riots, discontent, open warfare among the people.”

Many Americans voted for Obama thinking the friction would ease. Instead, it intensified. This was no accident. This was pure playbook.

As President Lyndon reportedly said in explaining his motives for championing the Civil Rights Act, “I’ll have them n****** voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

Only 147 years to go.



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