Unmasking Obama: “Vital reading for all Americans”

February 19, 2021 Frontpagemag.com

Jack Cashill has written over a dozen books, including two about the mysterious 1996 explosion of TWA Flight 800, one about the Trayvon Martin case, and two – now three – about Barack Obama. His new book, Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency, is a definitive account not only of Obama’s eight years in office but also of the transformation of most mainstream American political journalists, largely during the Obama era, from relatively objective reporters of the facts – emphasis on “relatively” – to dedicated partisans of the left, ready and eager at every turn to cover up unpleasant truths (however important) about Democrats and to promote outrageous lies (however destructive) about Republicans.

Even as I write this, it’s being reported that Twitter has “restricted” James O’Keefe and his organization Project Veritas for daring to expose censorship by Facebook. More than ever, samizdat heroes like O’Keefe are necessary to the survival of our democracy. And Unmasking Obama – whose author is also in the first rank of those heroes – is vital reading for all Americans who don’t yet grasp the degree to which their picture of reality has been distorted by guileful operators who, claiming to be brave voices of truth, have instead been the willing tools of power.

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Biden rode the ‘fine people’ lie to the White House


One useful outcome of this most recent impeachment Kabuki was the exposure of the “very fine people” lie, the one spawned by the media in the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia, dust-up in August 2017.

So pervasive was the lie that reportedly Trump’s attorneys did not even know it was a lie until they began to research it.  Left unexplored, however, even by the conservative media, was how Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign on the wings of this lie and rode it, by hook and by crook, all the way to the White House.

According to Biden, Trump “stunned the world and shocked the conscience of the nation” by claiming “there were very fine people on both sides,” a phrase Biden repeated for emphasis. Said Biden, “I knew the threat to our nation was unlike any I’d ever seen in my lifetime.”

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No Pulitzer for Andy Ngo – but he deserves a ‘Sami’


As the perils of honest reporting grow more ominous, it is past time to recognize those who do it well and bravely. In this spirit I have conceived the “Sami.”

In the first presentation in what I would love to see become a real annual tradition, the “Sami” for national reporting goes to intrepid citizen journalist Andy Ngo.

In his new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” the 35-year-old Ngo does the kind of work most journalists once dreamed of doing but never had the nerve to do.

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A San Francisco Murder Sets Leftists and Social Interest Groups at Odds

February 7, 2021 American Thinker

On January 28, while attempting to take a photo of a suspicious vehicle cruising in front of his San Francisco home, 76-year-old private investigator Jack Palladino was grabbed by one of the two men in the car and dragged forty feet before falling over backward and lethally striking his head. Not since the Zebra killings of the 1970s has one murder caused San Francisco’s leftist worthies so much consternation.  If you do not know of the Zebra killers, there is a reason why.  The killers were black.  All 21 of their victims, 14 fatal, were white or Asian.  The Zodiac killer worked the same area at roughly the same time, killed far fewer people, and got ten times the attention.

Palladino’s killing made the news in spite of the fact that he was white and the two accused killers are black.  What made Palladino newsworthy is that he has friends in high Democratic places.  “Mr. Palladino was a San Francisco legend, someone who dedicated his career to pursing justice and truth,” said San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin.  “[He] did so much to make the justice system work, whether it was civil justice or criminal justice,” said former San Francisco mayor and Kamala Harris “mentor” Willie Brown.

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Where are the ‘identity metrics’ for Sunday’s NFL players?


Big Brother is counting.

At the beginning of the 2020 NFL season, CNN editors ran a headline that, without intending, spoke to the reason why NFL ratings plummeted this year: “Here’s how NFL Sunday games highlighted racial inequality in the U.S.” On day 1, the NFL opened a Pandora’s box of grievances, more imagined than real. The airing of these grievances has succeeded only in driving viewers away. As the NFL execs have learned, fans don’t watch football to be lectured to, especially by people who have no idea what they are lecturing about.

If federal thoughtpolice learned that a police or fire department had employment numbers like the NFL’s, they would seize it tomorrow and frog march the chiefs to the nearest reeducation center. The reason for the feds’ dismay should be obvious. Beyond silly lip service, NFL teams pay no attention at all to the equity messages coming out of the White House.

Unlike the woke ad execs who scruple almost comically over the race, gender, age, sexual orientation and handicap status of every actor in every ad shown during an NFL game, NFL coaches and GMs don’t give a damn about any of that stuff. Setting the NFL apart from every other professional association, the league has no “metric” for race or sex or age let alone for sexual orientation or handicap status. The “metrics” that matter are height, weight, bench press, 40-yard dash and, yes, even intelligence.

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Michelle Obama’s Impeachable Offense

January 27, 2021 WND

With People, Michelle got careless. She decided to retell a story she had already told, the Target story. Michelle began by saying, “I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady.” Here, she suggests that the tale has already become folklore. Michelle continued, “During that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her.”

On Letterman, Michelle did not impute any particular race to the woman in question. Nor did she suggest any motive other than the woman’s inability to reach the top shelf. Here, Michelle wants the readers of People to believe that the woman was white, that she recognized the “not highly disguised” Michelle, and treated her like the help even knowing she was the first lady.Nor did Michelle want this to be seen as an isolated incident. She concluded, “Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new.” This contrasts just a wee bit with the takeaway message on Letterman, “That was my interaction. I felt so good.”

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Remembering the ‘by the book’ transition of 2017


When George Orwell’s “1984” was published in 1949, the idea of a “memory hole” seemed doable. If all information was contained in print, authorities merely had to destroy the print. Ray Bradbury came to the same conclusion four years later in his dystopian novel, “Fahrenheit 451.” The novel’s “firemen” simply had to burn the books, and the citizens remained in the dark.

Today, however, despite the efforts of Big Tech, almost all information is instantly available to anyone who wants it. This reality makes Big Media seem merely foolish as they try to airbrush away the indecencies of the 2017 presidential transition. The real indecencies occurred not in the streets where the largely peaceful protesters burned cars, broke windows and assaulted police, but in the very White House itself.

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My ‘super stand-up senator,’ Josh Hawley

January 14, 2021 WND

A week ago, I received a text from a reporter at the Kansas City Star. It read, “Mr. Cashill. Michael Ryan from the Star here. Do you have a moment to get acquainted and for me to ask your opinion on Josh Hawley.” Wary of phone calls with reporters, especially from the Star, I texted back. “Here is a quote. ‘Josh is a super stand-up guy, a presidential contender. Rockhurst should be proud.'”

Rockhurst is the Jesuit High School that Hawley attended in Kansas City where I live. I added the “Rockhurst” line to offset the guff coming Hawley’s way from his alma mater.I attended a Jesuit high school myself, in New York City. I had just received my alumni magazine with a glowing article about our most celebrated alum and current cover boy, Anthony Fauci. Which reminds me of an old Catholic joke: What is the difference between a Baptist and a Jesuit? Answer: the Baptist knows he’s not Catholic.

Living up to the punch line, Rockhurst school president David J. Laughlin offered up the following bromide: “A growing society which shows contempt and intolerance for our treasured heritage of plurality, process and dignified disagreement cannot continue.” Laughlin wasn’t through. “I call upon all of our elected officials, including our graduate Senator Josh Hawley, to conduct their own examination of conscience on this matter. If wrong occurs, one ought to seek atonement and reconciliation. These are the Christian principles Rockhurst teaches when wrong has occurred.”

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President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team

January 12, 2021 American Thinker

“The Republican nominee for president will be that candidate who best learns that there is no future in apologizing,” I wrote in a June 10, 2015, column. Six days later Donald Trump descended the escalator at Trump Tower and, in so doing, launched the most volatile period in American history since the Civil War.

I wish I could say I had Trump in mind when I wrote the above, but as right as my prediction proved to be, I did not even know Trump was running. His refusal to back down or apologize came at a huge personal cost, but the rest of us, including his enemies, benefited from his un-Republican-like willingness to punch back when punched.

The benefits came in two primary forms: what Trump accomplished as president and what he exposed. The last few months, and the last week especially, were all about exposure. We will get to this in a minute, but first a quick brief on Trump’s accomplishment.

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Why white people are cowards on race

January 11, 2021 WND

As I look at two sets of statistics for the year 2020, I reflect on former Attorney General Eric Holder’s bold accusation in early 2009.

First the statistics: In 2020, Kansas City, Missouri, population 500,000, had 180 homicides. Johnson County, Kansas, our immediate neighbor to the west, population 600,000, had eight homicides, none since July.

Now to Eric Holder: “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot,” said Holder to his subordinates at the Department of Justice on his first day in office, “in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.”

The “cowards” line got people’s attention. Writes Obama in his new memoir, “A Promised Land,” it was “a true enough observation but not necessarily the headline we were looking for at the end of my first few weeks in office.” Although white Americans are reluctant to speak about race, Holder, like Obama, seemed clueless as to why. Let me give them a heads up from my own experience.

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