The RINO dirty war on Trump proxy Steve King

May 7, 2020 WND.COM

“Steve King is a black mark on the Republican Party,” insisted Neil Strauss, the communications director for a group calling itself the “Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC).” Strauss continued, “He has supported white supremacist candidates and has even told the New York Times that he thinks white nationalism and white supremacy are inoffensive.” The RJC is pushing an off-the-shelf Iowa state senator named Randy Feenstra in the June 2 Republican primary for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District…

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The day Obama triggered Obamagate


When the final chapter is written on Obamagate, historians will look to the April 10, 2016, as the day President Barack Obama triggered the eponymous coup. Leading from behind as was his wont, Obama was never so far behind that he could not see what was to come. From time to time he showed his hand, starting with an April 10, 2016, appearance on a Fox News Sunday morning show with Chris Wallace.

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February 11, 2020 WND.COM

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