Did PC fear of fat shaming swell COVID count?

April 21, 2021 WND

Despite the fact that obesity was the easily the most prevalent of those conditions and the one variable the individual could control, Fauci never pressed the issue. Indeed, Fauci did quite the

opposite. He recommended that gyms be closed and people shelter in place. You did not have be an epidemiologist to anticipate the results of that recommendation.

Last week, Dr. Gregory Marcus reported in a peer-reviewed journal that Americans who kept up their lockdown habits could easily have gained 20 pounds during the last year.

“We know that weight gain is a public health problem in the U.S. already,” Marcus told the New York Times, “so anything making it worse is definitely concerning, and shelter-in-place orders are so ubiquitous that the sheer number of people affected by this makes it extremely relevant.”

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Jason Whitlock for US Senate

March 27, 2021 WND

Whitlock would stand out in any field. In the way of firsts, Jason would probably be the first 300-pounder in the recent history of the Senate. If he enters the race, smart money has him winning in a walk.

Like Trump, Jason is a little rough around the edges. He will have that seriously incorrect (but very funny) Jeremy Lin tweet to deal with and some other sundry baggage as well, but Republicans are hungry for a fighter. And that Whitlock most surely is. Having gone head-to-head with LeBron James and the Chinese Communist Party, Whitlock would have no fear of Chuck Schumer, let alone the editorial writers at the New York Times.

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Georgetown takes a knee for something or other

American Thinker

On Saturday, the entire Georgetown basketball team took a very public knee before its game to Colorado, none of whose players took a knee.  On seeing this, I had to wonder what exactly it was that the team from Bill Clinton’s alma mater was protesting. Given Georgetown’s D.C. location and its well known political science programs, one might have thought that coach Patrick Ewing and his Hoyas knew something that the benighted Buffaloes from Boulder did not.  If they did, it certainly wasn’t about basketball.  Colorado blew Georgetown out, winning in a walk by 23. On the face of things, the Hoyas had little to be unhappy about.  Barack Obama has long been a friend of the program and a fan of the coach.  With his heir, Joe Biden, having reoccupied the White House, that one last bastion of white privilege was no longer in the enemy’s hands. Institutional racism could scarcely be the problem as the left controls every major institution in the country, starting with the Jesuit-run Georgetown University — which reminds me of the old joke: what is the difference between a Jesuit and a Baptist?  Answer: the Baptist knows he is not Catholic.

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My year of living skeptically


My Facebook postings provide something of a diary of my own response to the stupidest year in American history. From the beginning, I was determined to live my life as if I were a free citizen of the United States, and I largely managed to do just that.

What surprised me most about the past year was the spontaneous response to Covid mania along political lines. For the most part, my friends on the right resisted the tyranny, and my friends on the left embraced it. The young, especially the young left, proved most ovine of all. Conditioned to believe in the dubious science of climate change, the left fell hard for the equally dubious but more demanding science of COVID. A year of lived evidence proved us right, them wrong. While we partied, they sulked in solitude. Sorry, guys, but the good Dr. Fauci can’t give you that year back.

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The NYT’s Dishonest Coverage of Miami’s ‘Spring Break’ Chaos

American Spectator

What a curious thing it must be to write for the New York Times. Your employer has cultivated an educated audience that knows less about what is really happening in America than does the average Joe, and your mandate is to keep that audience ignorant. The recent chaos in Miami Beach presented an opportunity to do just that. If the three reporters assigned to the story — “Miami Beach, Overwhelmed by Spring Break, Extends Emergency Curfew” — had spent just an hour on Google, they would know what Joe knows. To get this story past their woke editors, however, they apparently had to pretend that Joe doesn’t know what he knows.

Joe, for starters, knows that this is not the spring break Connie Francis sang about. In fact, it is not a spring break at all. Traditionally, a spring break has actually been a “break” in the middle of a student’s semester that lasts about a week, maybe two. What’s going on in Miami has lasted about six weeks and counting. If he follows local TV news, Joe knows, as one Miami station timidly acknowledged, “Miami Beach chaos isn’t all college spring breakers.” As one person wryly noted in the station’s comment section, “Wow … you just now figured out that these are not Spring Breakers? I was starting to think it was some kind of code word.”

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No, Virginia, Obama’s Not Running the Show

March 15, 2021 American Spectator

Now that the White House has turned into an assisted living facility, people are naturally curious about which of the patient-in-chief’s caretakers is actually running the country.

Unfortunately, the curious do not seem to include the Big Media types in the position to find out. At least a few of these journalists have intimate ties with the White House. It would seem, however, that to maintain those ties, they have to pretend that President Joe Biden is still compos mentis. He is clearly not.

Journalists on the outside are free to tell the truth about Biden but are forced to speculate as to who at the White House is backstage running the show. The tea leaf readers in my Twitter feed seem convinced that, if anyone, it is former President Barack Obama. They are sure their man is Marxist enough to have managed the party’s undeniable sharp turn to the left.

I think otherwise

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War is peace, freedom is slavery, cold is hot

March 14, 2021 WND

The terms of the debate had to be changed, and that started just about the time of this energy panel. In February 2007, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Ellen Goodman entered a new and useful smear into the lexicon. “I would like to say we’re at a point where global warming is impossible to deny,” wrote Goodman. “Let’s just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.”

The conversation-killer “denier” promptly became a term of art. The astute reader will note, however, that Goodman was still using the term “global warming.” That would soon morph into the all-purpose “climate change.” I have tried hard, but nowhere can I find a discussion on how this semantic shift came to be. It as if no wants to admit that it even happened.

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Community Dies in Darkness


Before I was cancelled

Like many of my neighbors, I consumed the paper from cover to cover. In addition to local news, I learned who was dying, who was getting married, which bands were coming to KC, which movies were showing, which cultural events were unfolding, which teams were playing and how well, and what the weather portended. At work, I had KCUR, the local NPR station, on in the background just about all day. If I didn’t watch much KCPT, the local PBS station, it was because of the station’s snootiness, not its politics. In the same vein, I watched TV news just about every night, local and national.

As I got to know the town better, I started writing the occasional article for The Star, and I almost took on a regular column. I appeared routinely on KCUR and produced a half-historical dozen documentaries for KCPT. The Star reviewed my books, and I became something of a regular on KCPT’s Week in Review. Politically, I have not changed since those days of happy “coexistence.” Hell, I manned the right half of a left-right talk radio show on KMBZ for five years in the mid-1990s without having a single door shut in my face, not even those at UMKC, where my wife was a professor.

Although I never did anything to cancel myself—no racial joke told on a hot mic, no groped intern, no self-pleasuring Zoom chat—I and people like me found ourselves being slowly cancelled. The trend started before the turn of the century, took a pause for 9-11, and accelerated during the years when Donald Trump was just another guy with a reality TV show.

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Liz Cheney now leads the GOP’s Cancel Culture Caucus

March 6, 2021 WND

Say what you will about Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, but she is not shy about staking out a leadership position in the Cancel Culture Caucus (CCC) of the GOP.”I’ve been clear about my views about President Trump and the extent to which, following January 6, I don’t believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country,” Cheney said just a wee bit presumptuously.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has been much more coy. In his seeming rejection of Cheney’s position, he told Fox News last Thursday, “I don’t believe in cancel culture.” Former Iowa Rep. Steve King gagged upon hearing McCarthy. King promptly tweeted that McCarthy and Cheney had “teamed up on a strategic plan to ‘cancel’ me.” Said King of McCarthy, “No Democrat is more shameless.”

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Barack Obama’s Six Most Impeachable Offenses

February 24, 2021 American Spectator

Now that we have established that even ex-presidents can be tried in the Senate, the time may be right for a fresh look at ex-President Barack Obama’s presidential crimes and misdemeanors. To get the tumbrils rolling, let me suggest the following six areas of investigation, ranked from probably worthy of impeachment to possibly worthy of imprisonment.

The challenge here was not to find six but to whittle the list down to six. Left on the cutting room floor are Obama extra-constitutional DACA authorization, his duplicitous Iran deal, his misadventures in Syria and Iraq, his Nixonian “Internal Threat Program,” his responsibility for the lethal “Ferguson effect,” and his spying on journalists, all of which abuses dwarf any of President Trump’s misdeeds, real or imagined.

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