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January 15 , 2014 -
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Okay, let us start with the premise that Conrad Barrett of Katy, Texas, deserves to be in prison. He deserves to be in prison for his willful and unprovoked attack on a fellow citizen, especially given the age of the victim, seventy-nine.

The evidence suggests that Barrett approached the elderly fellow, said, “How’s it going, man?” and then punched him hard enough to break the fellow’s jaw in two places and dislodge three of his teeth.

Barrett then allegedly cried “knockout!” and took off. He was arrested after sharing his story at a bar in the presence of an off-duty cop.

What makes the case stand out is what Barrett actually hoped would make it stand out: his pioneering role as the Vanilla Ice of the Knockout circuit. Of the thousands of perpetrators of the knockout game, Barrett may be the only white guy to have attacked a black victim.

What is for sure is that Barrett is the one and only knockout player to get arrested for a federal hate crime. New York State brought hate crime charges against one black suspect in 2013, but that was not so much because the victim was white, which he was, but because he was Jewish.

Among his motives—his attorney says he is bi-polar—Barrett set out to prove the unequal enforcement of the law. In this regard, he seems to have succeeded.

As Colin Flaherty has documented beyond dispute in his book White Girl Bleed A Lot, there is an obvious racial animus in many of the black-on-white assaults, perhaps most.

But even if the attackers were not as upfront in their motives as Barrett was, ought not the federal government apply the same “disparate impact” standards it does to employers, lenders, realtors in the like?

Under the doctrine, a violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act may be proven by showing that a particular policy has a disproportionately adverse effect on members of the protected class as compared with non-members of the protected class.

If for every hundred knockout attacks, ninety-nine are perpetrated by blacks against non-blacks, does not that pattern suggest racial motivation? The fact that the sport is sometimes called “polar bear hunting” might suggest the same.

The “polar bear” refers to the invariably white or at least non-black victim of a hunt by a young black male, usually one of a pack of the same.

The hunters tend to prey on those who seem vulnerable. This includes old people, women, children, and, most often, clueless male liberals-- like the Pittsburgh teacher seen in this video (below) who have trained themselves not to “profile” young black men even when they approach with malice in their eyes.

White urbanites remain clueless because the mainstream media have chosen not to clue them in. Even when local TV stations cover the incidents, as in the Pittsburgh assault above, they are careful to avoid even hinting at a racial motive.

The media’s collective failure to acknowledge the racial nature of the knock-out game enabled them to turn would-be knock-out king Trayvon Martin into a martyr and his victim, George Zimmerman, into a racist vigilante.

If he had not had an audience, Trayvon Martin would likely have made it back safely to the townhouse where he was staying in Sanford, Florida, that rainy night in February 2012.

The knock-out game is played for glory. Martin’s audience consisted of one person, the sassy, defiant, plus-sized Rachel Jeantel who talked to Martin by phone throughout the encounter.

There is no reason to believe anything Jeantel said about the confrontation between Martin and Zimmerman save for her spectacularly un-coached recollection of how Martin first described Zimmerman, namely as a “creepy ass cracker.”

In sum, Martin saw Zimmerman not as the hulking vigilante the media did but as a vulnerable, possibly gay white man nearly half-a-foot smaller than he.

As to Martin, although the media chose not to let the public know, he was an aspiring mixed martial artist who had recently been disciplined both at home and at school for starting fights.

By the time of this incident, the knock-out game was a well established phenomenon among young black males, especially troubled ones like Martin, the product of a broken home and a broken culture. Martin’s assault on Zimmerman fit an obvious pattern.

The State of Florida, Attorney General Holder, President Barack Obama, and the entirety of the mainstream media chose not to see that pattern.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department continues not to see it. In 2012, incredible as it seems, the FBI reported three times as many anti-black hate crimes as anti-white ones.

If nothing else, Holder’s perverse enforcement of the law shows just how absurd these laws are in the first place. What they punish is thought, not action, and in the Orwellian world of the DOJ thought is punished with wildly “disparate” selectivity.

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