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Remembering the Democrat war on terror





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Posted: September 7, 2006

© Jack Cashill

As we approach Sept. 11, I think it is high time to remember the Democrat war on terror and pay that war its due. I remember because in mid-continent USA in the 1990s, I had a front row seat. I remember because the major media choose not to.

One case in particular epitomized to me the nature of that war. I know the case well because I had a chance to interview several of the terrorists involved. At the time I was doing a weekly feature for the NBC station in Kansas City.

The youngest of the terrorists, whom I'll call Amira, I first met in 1997 in a St. Joseph, Mo., prison.

The 23-year-old had already served one year of a two-year sentence. She was lucky. Some of her 14 co-conspirators had received seven-year terms.

This was a real prison, the kind with coiled razor wire on the tops of the walls and big fat mommas in orange jump suits wandering the halls. Amira ended up there because Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon was, in his own words, "taking the hardest line of any attorney general in the nation against terrorist groups." It is unusual for an attorney general to try a case, but with a group this dangerous, Nixon was intent on prosecuting the case himself and scoring some political points in the process.

The trial took place in what presidential adviser Dick Morris calls the "terror summer of 1996." Morris was referring specifically to the destruction of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island and Centennial Park at the Atlanta Olympics. But we had terror enough in Missouri. I remember – and am inspired to write – because I saw my first "Jay Nixon for Governor" bumper sticker the other day.

When Amira told me the facts of the case, I was shocked. I initially refused to believe her. I insisted on reading the trial transcript and all the reporting around the trial until I was satisfied that I had gleaned the true story. Here it is. Here is what caused Jay Nixon to put 15 Americans in prison and has moved his fellow Democrats to promote him as a future governor.

One evening Amira attended a potluck dinner at a church hall in rural Misssouri. She had come to babysit her fiancé's nieces. The potluck was held by a group of constitutionalists, people who take the state and federal constitution as seriously as fundamentalist do the Bible. That evening they were holding what they called a "common law grand jury" to assess the constitutionality of certain police actions in the area. They were one short of the necessary 24.

They cajoled the apolitical Amira into sitting in.

One fellow who came before the jury had come to protest a judge's treatment of his 17-year-old daughter after a traffic stop. The grand jury had also invited the judge to come explain his action.

Needless to say, the judge blew the grand jury off, and its members decided in the plaintiff's favor.

They told him that under Missouri law he had a right to file a lien against the judge's property.

The plaintiff promptly did just that, and just as promptly another judge expunged the lien. If this is where you expect the story to get juicy, to hear tales of death threats and midnight raids on the judge's home and fire bombings, temper your expectations. If you exclude the reaction of the state, you have all already heard all the tales of terror that are to be told.

The state police came to Amira's home late one night, handcuffed her and led her off to jail. The state charged that she had "tampered with a judicial officer by engaging in conduct reasonably calculated to harass [the judge], namely, filing a lien with the Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds on the property of [the judge.]" The fact that the lien was technically legal and quickly expunged did not seem to bother Mr. Nixon and his colleagues. Nor did the fact that neither Amira nor her co-conspirators signed the lien or filed it. They had somehow "tampered" and "harassed" and that was enough.

Given the Democrat control of the media, even in Missouri, Nixon was able to poison the jury pool and convict all 15, aged 23 to 78, none of whom had committed a prior felony. The fact that the 15 defended themselves did not help much either.

So you will forgive me please if I fail to take Democrat squawking about invasions of privacy or civil rights abuses or prisoner treatment seriously. These are not serious people. Even if they read it, this article will not cause two of them to question their affection for Mr. Nixon.

Our liberties are most seriously threatened when the interests of the executive in power are in perfect alignment with the major media. Never was that more true than during the years 1995-2000.

And the worst stuff did not happen in Missouri.




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