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Regional/ Kansas City:


By Jack Cashill

March 29, 1999
Courtesy of TownHall Review, a monthly ezine

Mayoral and City Council Picks '99

Not much to choose between.  Both KWB and GB are big government liberals who would love to take both your tax dollars and your guns and stash them far far away.  A further liabilty for Kay is her board membership on The Mainstream Coalition.  Either she is naive or a serious player on the hysterical left. Neither answer is satisfying.  In Kay's favor:  her husband Frank is a Republican from Newark and a pretty good head.  Maybe even a levelling influence.  In George's favor, he won our poll 4 to 1, answers the occasional question, and is not above drinking a brewski before noon.  The liabity: he drinks Miller High Life.

My pick:  
Clay on a write-in (even though light rail is a seriously bad idea), and if you need to pick a contender go with George.  There is no excusing Kay's Mainstream membership.

4th District:  
My home district.  Jim Rowland.  Slam dunk over Charlotte Hill. He even listens to the show.  Nice family.  Mary O emceed Charlotte's last fund raiser.  Need I say more?

6th District:  
Chuck Eddy.  Slam dunk.  One more conservative voice on city council.

3rd District:  
Saundra McFadden Weaver over Troy Nash.  Don't even think about this one.  Saundra even showed up for the Ronnies.  Sister of Lonnie and Ronnie, daughter of Pops.  Great family.  Go, girl!

5th District:  
Becky Nace.  Looks good on a billboard.  That's about all I know

2nd District:  
Bonnie Sue Cooper over Robert Hernandez.  Met Bonnie Sue at Republican Medved event in Platte County.  Always a good sign.  Known Bobby a long time.  Too long.  City had him in mind when they installed term limits.

Flood tax:  
Even the people who were flooded are lobbying against this one. No.

April 6.  YES!  
Cam corders have led to increase in child pornography.  Should they outlaw camcorders?  Of course not.  Concealed weapons have led to decrease in violent crime.  What possibly can be their rationale?



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