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WND.com- April 27, 2016

In two months, in time for the twentieth anniversary of the destruction of TWA Flight 800 off the south shore of Long Island, my new book on the subject—TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy--will be released.

In writing it, I am building on the work that a lot of people have done with me or before me, to name a few: James Sanders, Ray Lahr, Bill Donaldson, Bob Donaldson, John Clarke, Tom Stalcup, Kristina Borjesson, Hank Hughes, and Roger Aronoff.

WND has been extremely supportive throughout this adventure as well. Along with Accuracy In Media, no publication has been more helpful.

Anyone who has looked at the case seriously knows that the plane was shot of the sky and knows that its cover-up is the great untold story of our time.

Anyone who has followed the case over the last twenty years knows too that the media will accept the truth only reluctantly, if at all.

What follows are two early reviews of the book by people who are in an excellent position to know. Each acknowledges that the real challenge is not in writing a book like this, but in getting it read by people who can make a difference.

Vernon L. Grose is a former NTSB board member and was CNN’s go-to authority on the crash.

Conspiracy flourishes when conclusions are conflicting.
Conclusions concerning airline crashes in the US are generally free from conspiracy because the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is recognized internationally as authoritative, skilled, deliberate, objective, and non-political.

The explosion of TWA 800 was a remarkable exception.
Within minutes of the crash, the FBI had usurped, wrested, or assumed control of the crash investigation away from the NTSB. 

I know because I had been rushed by CNN within minutes after the crash to provide expert insight--as a former NTSB Member--for six unbroken hours on TV.  I witnessed the FBI take-over long before the NTSB arrived on-site in New York.

There is no precedent for this violation of NTSB legal investigative authority.  Only in rare occasions when the NTSB has concluded that a crash may have involved criminal activity has it voluntarily surrendered its leadership authority to the FBI.

Why did the FBI immediately take charge of the investigation?  What evidence of criminal activity did it suspect?  Why did it interview over 700 eyewitnesses – then seal their testimonies from public disclosure?  Many significant questions remain unanswered.

For 20 years, the cause of this disaster has continued to foment conspiracy.  It is finally possible to resolve the underlying conflict!
Jack Cashill has researched, organized, and documented all aspects of this intrigue in an outstanding and readable style. 

He has provided the needed resolution to finally end TWA800 conspiracy. It is--by far--the most thorough, insightful, and believable accounting of that tragedy.

Beyond resolving the TWA800 mystery, Cashill’s remarkable chronicle provides an early example of what has increasingly produced widespread public distrust of politicians who violate veracity and exploit events to their own advantage.

Truth is essential!  Cashill proves it!    

James Sanders wrote the first book on the incident, “The Downing of TWA Flight 800.” We subsequently collaborated on the documentary, “Silenced,” and on the book, “First Strike.”

In 2003 Jack and I wrote “First Strike,” an account of the TWA Flight 800 shoot-down, exposing evidence uncovered as of 2003.  Now, in 2016, Cashill tells a compelling story based on evidence uncovered over the last 19+ years. 

It is a book that should be a runaway best seller—but will not.  Dominant eastern media, led by the New York Times, has far too much to lose, as does the National Security State and important political players from 1996.

The Pentagon and Department of Justice, 20 years after the fact, today lead a struggle to illegally withhold hundreds of pages of documents critical to the final exposure of the criminal acts committed by federal officials to save a presidency; and billions of dollars in contracts to keep the Military Industrial State the all-powerful presence it has become in the decades since President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1960 warned of the immense power it continued to gather that would someday threaten the American Republic.

The Republic no longer exists, replaced by a façade of democracy seen in the 2016 presidential election. The shoot-down of TWA Flight 800 was a pivotal moment in the triumph of the elite over the unwashed masses the presidential contenders currently pander to. 

Uninformed and ignorant of facts, the unwashed masses instinctively feel the threat to their freedom and stumble blindly along, striking out against the ruling elite, Democrat and Republican alike. 

The elite will prevail. The secrets they so desperately struggle to hide will not be exposed and the 230 TWA Flight 800 passengers and crew will have died in vain.


Sanders is not an optimist and with good reason. For his efforts, the FBI arrested James and his wife Elizabeth and successfully tried them in court on a bogus charge of conspiring to steal airplane parts.

Not having suffered as he has, I am a bit more hopeful. But I do know this: if the conspirators get beyond this July unscathed, they will cease to worry.

Time—and the media—will tell.

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