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November 2, 2006  

For me the defining moment of the 2006 campaign came on Halloween night. I was mindlessly watching TV and passing out Halloween candy when my neighbor and her three little ones came breathlessly to the door.

“Did you see the ACORN guy,” she said alarmed. “He is peeing in the street.”

I am told that we should be punishing Republicans this year, but at that moment forgive me for thinking of the people we would be rewarding—specifically. those who pee in streets and those who pay them, even knowing they might do so.

I had not yet seen this fellow, but I had met one of his colleagues a few days earlier. The left wing community activist group ACORN had dumped him and scores of other “paid volunteers” on to Kansas City’s streets to drum up new voter registrants. These volunteers had made local news when it was revealed that, to meet their daily quotas, they were not limiting the pool of new voters to the living.

None of this surprised me. What did surprise me, however, was that my ACORN guy was recruiting only those who would vote “Yes” on Missouri’s Amendment Two. As you may know, a “Yes” vote will give researchers in Missouri a constitutional right to clone new human life and kill it for the sake of its stem cells.

I have read ACORN’s web site from end to end, and there is absolutely nothing in their mission about stem cell or any other kind of medical research. I asked this ACORN guy, and later the guy who peed in the street, why ACORN was supporting Amendment 2. Neither had a clue. Both were clearly zoned out in any case, most likely on drugs, as they and their pals wandered Zombie-like throughout Missouri, likely scoring some serious candy in the run-up to Halloween.

At this stage, I do not know the specifics of ACORN’s unholy pact with Big BIO, but I can imagine. Now seriously worried about the passage of this dishonestly crafted amendment, the Democrat hardballlers running the “Yes on 2” campaign have almost assuredly purchased ACORN’s services to protect their bosses’ $26 million investment.

This is the way today’s Democrat Party works. I have yet to see a yard in Missouri that has a sign for a Democrat candidate and a “No on 2.” I have seen hundreds with a Democrat and a “Yes on 2.” Party operatives have been buying votes wholesale for years to protect their unseemly access to abortion and now to lethal cloning. In California this year, for the first time ever, they purchased the state’s leading union to block passage of Proposition 85, which would merely require parents’ notification for abortions on their minor children.

At the top of the list of things I believe in is the right to life—not to mention liberty and happiness. I also believe in a strong national defense, a respect for traditional values, and limited constitutional government as close to home as possible.

To be sure, the Republicans disappoint on several of these issues, most notably limited constitutional government. And yet on none of these issues, particularly the life issue, do the Democrats offer even a glimmer of hope for improvement, just the opposite.

To confuse pro-life voters, Democrats have also launched an insidious disinformation campaign. I have in front of me an email from a “Frank Morales,” allegedly from the “Pro-Life Council” with an email address at lifeway.com. “Note to all prolifers,” reads the email, “our country is nearly ended now and Bush reveals himself as the most pro-death leader on the planet.” Morales tells us that Bush is about to declare “martial law,” yes, presumably after he finishes monitoring all of our library check-outs. I could find no “Frank Morales” associated with any pro-life organization anywhere. The LifeWay site is strongly pro-Bush. I have no idea how many minds, especially among the Hispaanic community, this rogue email has affected.

Yes, you say, but the Republican Party is so corrupt. Let me tell you how that corruption works. In late July 2006 I met with Pennsylvania Representative Curt Weldon, the most fearless pursuer of truth about our intelligence community in Congress. He told me at the time that his goal was to get at the truth behind former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger’s pilfering from the National Archives, but that the Clinton shadow government was out to stop him. I did some research and, sure enough, the facts bore him out. The disgraced Berger was all but directing the campaign of his opponent, the previously apolitical Joe Sestak. Many of the other Clinton intelligence cronies were chipping in.

On Clinton’s now legendary FOX tirade, he mentioned only one Republican in Congress by name, Curt Weldon. Clinton then came to Pennsylvania to campaign for Sestak. A week later, two anonymous sources leaked to a Democrat-friendly journalist that Weldon is “under investigation.” Lest the investigation be compromised, the same FBI that Weldon had been investigating swooped in a day later to seize documents. By noon of that day, Democrat activists had arranged a coordinated protest.

In fact, the Democrat-media complex is what has made the Republican Party the significantly cleaner of the two parties. Republican pedophiles get bounced. Democrat pedophiles get re-elected. But good people get hurt as well.

As it happens, it was also on Halloween night that I first saw John Kerry’s slander on America’s troops. “[If] you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart,” Kerry told a college crowd in California, “you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq." Left unsaid in the subsequent firestorm is that Kerry voted to send American troops to Iraq, and this after spending some six years on the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence. The real disgrace here is not the remark, telling as it is, but the willingness of Kerry and his colleagues to sabotage the war in Iraq and elsewhere to pander to their base. As the historically minded can attest, the Democrats have not behaved this badly since the American Civil War.

Yes, you say, but we should punish the Republicans for straying from our widely shared principles. But when you do that, just remember whom you will be rewarding.



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