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(Courtesy of Cashill Newsletter - October 30, 2004)

By Jack Cashill

Ignoring the new campaign finance laws, Osama Bin Laden has just released an infomercial seemingly on behalf of the Kerry campaign.

The question is why. We have been told that the wars in Afghanistan and especially Iraq have been the best thing that ever happened to Al Qaeda, a veritable recruiting tool.

Osama obviously thinks otherwise.

Before President Bush was elected, Osama had enjoyed an uninterrupted eight-year run on American interests—WTC I, Mogadishu, Khobar, the Embassy bombings, USS Cole etc. He did this despite the White House’s eagerness to please, and he did it with impunity.

He capped this, of course, with the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11. Based on past history, he must have thought he could get away with it.

What were you thinking, my man? You don’t tug on Superman’s cape!

Since then, Osama has lost his fortune, his network, his evil Afghan empire, and about 3/4 of his troops. He presumably lives in a cave somewhere and makes the occasional infomercial.

Meanwhile, the U.S. economy has rebounded strongly. We have put the NASDAQ crash of 2000 and the recession of 2001 behind us. There have been no terror attacks of note here or against our interest abroad save for the war zone itself. And we have liberated 50 million people in two truly hideous countries.

More than a thousand troops have died in the process, but 8,000 died to liberate Iwo Jima, a chunk of real estate no bigger than Fire Island. Today, as is appropriate, we remember Iwo Jima proudly as we will Iraq and Afghanistan in the future.

On September 11, who among us dared to dream that the next three years would be as peaceful and prosperous as they have been?

Not me. And this is one very big reason why I am voting for W.



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