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WND.com - August 31, 2016

I must say I was disappointed by Hillary Clinton’s now notorious speech in Reno last week.

Hillary savaged Donald Trump for endorsing “dark conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far reaches of the internet.”

Several of these theories she noted specifically, but none of them had I written about or investigated at any depth. Alas, Hillary slighted me, and I think I know why.

I should say that I never intended to become a conspiracy theorist. In the fall of 2000, when I first dipped my toe into the murky headwaters of the TWA 800 intrigue, I thought myself something of a skeptic, the Socratic nitpicker who rained on the paranoid parades of others.

What I have learned since then, however, is that to report honestly on Bill or Hillary Clinton, you run a very real risk of being smeared as a “conspiracy theorist.”

To report honestly about Barack Obama, you run the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist and, as Hillary so kindly pointed out, a “bigot” as well.

Now we are being told that if you even think of voting for Donald Trump, you are implicitly both a conspiracy theorist and a bigot.

Given that roughly half of all Americans, the half led by Vladimir Putin, will believe anything, let me display my favorite thoroughly fact-checked conspiracies for the nation’s perusal. I double-dog dare Hillary to challenge any of them.

  • More than half of the people killed in Waco in April 1993 by the Clinton Justice Department were racial minorities, 27 of them were black.
  • Timothy McVeigh had a short, swarthy accomplice with him in Oklahoma City on the morning of April 19, 1995. Yes, John Doe #2.
  • The church-burning scandal of 1996 was a White House-driven hoax.
  • Of course, TWA 800 was shot down. The Clintons illegally imposed the CIA on the investigation for no larger purpose than to keep all talk of missiles off the table. To learn more, read “TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy.”

  • Hillary’s go-person in the DOJ, Jamie Gorelick, oversaw the collaboration between the CIA and the FBI on the TWA 800 investigation.
  • A year earlier Gorelick authored the notorious “wall” memo that prevented the CIA and FBI from collaborating and that allowed 9-11 to happen.
  • For her steely performance in the TWA 800 investigation, the Clintons rewarded Gorelick with a $4 million a year job at Fannie Mae. In 2003, she stepped down to take one of five Democratic seats on the 9-11 Commission.
  • In 1997, Senator Fred Thompson chaired a committee that investigated what he rightly called “the most corrupt political campaign in modern history.” Hillary’s fingerprints were all over that 1995-1996 campaign.
  • To help pay for that campaign the Clintons turned to their personal bankers, the Riady family.
  • A week after Hillary met with disgraced and jobless former White House counselor Webb Hubbell, the Riadys paid him $100,000 for unspecified “work,” part of a $400,000 payout Hubbell received to keep his mouth shut.
  • In 1996, Bill Clinton declared the Kaiparowitz Plateaus of Utah “a national monument.” As the FBI was aware, he did it to protect Riady coal interests in Indonesia.
  • To help pay for the 1996 campaign, the Clintons had an increasing reluctant Commerce Secretary Ron Brown—“sick of being “a mother-f---ing tour guide for Hillary Clinton”--sell seats on international trade missions.
  • Shortly before he was to testify about that issue, Brown was sent to Croatia ostensibly to broker a sweetheart deal between Croatian neo-fascists and the Enron Corporation.
  • Yes, Brown was found with an apparent bullet hole in his head. Yes, the Clintons killed the careers of four US Navy personnel, three of them doctors, who went public with their concerns about the cause of his death.
  • Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz donated more than $630,000 to the 1996 campaign. In return, the White House managed to clear Schwartz of charges that he treasonously aided the Chinese in their development of ballistic missiles.
  • Chief White House fixer, Sandy Berger, made the Schwartz deal happen. He later was caught stealing and shredding documents from the National Archives, a job the Clintons put him up to.
  • "I've written two books," Barack Obama told a crowd of teachers in Virginia in July of 2008. “I actually wrote them myself." Call me a bigot, but Obama was lying about both books. Bill Ayers was his muse on book one. A committee wrote book two.
  • “My father left my family when I was two years old, and I was raised by a single mother,” lied Obama on more than one occasion. Baby Obama never spent a night under the same roof as the old man. The major media still don’t have a clue about Obama’s first two years.

There is much Obama and Clinton mischief I believe to be true but have no sure way of knowing. I believe Vince Foster died somewhere other than Fort Marcy Park. I believe Ron Brown was murdered. I am quite sure Bill raped Juanita Broaddrick and Hillary intimidated her into silence.

I am also entirely confident Hillary has serious health issues, and I suspect the bottom line of the Reno speech was to make questions about her well being taboo.

“[Trump’s] latest paranoid fever dream is about my health,” said Hillary in her Reno speech. Of course, Hillary, anything bad ever reported about you can only be a “conspiracy theory.” What else could it be?



Jack Cashill’s newest book, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover up, the Conspiracy can now be ordered at Amazon.



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