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October 19, 2006

© Jack Cashill

"I will not make a single stop in this campaign season that means more to me than this one -- not one," former President Bill Clinton told a crowd of nearly 900 at a rally for congressional candidate Joseph Sestak in eastern Pennsylvania two weeks ago. Clinton was not exaggerating.

“A Sestak victory,” observed the local Delco Times accurately, “would muzzle a Republican congressman who blames Clinton for doing irreparable harm to America’s national security during the 1990s.” Sestak is running against ten-term incumbent Curt Weldon. No one has burrowed more deeply into Clinton’s intelligence failures and, yes, cover-ups than Weldon has.

In June 2005 Weldon revealed that Clinton administration attorneys had intervened to stop the "Able Danger" group in the Defense Intelligence Agency from initiating preventive actions against two of the 9-11 terrorists. He has also written the book Countdown to Terror, an exposé of the government’s performance prior to September 11, which won him few friends in the CIA or in the FBI.

When I met with Weldon in late July, he expressed interest in going deeper still, but he conceded too that the Clinton shadow government (CSG) was working hard to bring him down.

Those who follow this column could not have been surprised to see just how hard the CSG has been working. I had written two prior articles on the CSG assault on Weldon. In the first of those articles, “The war on Weldon” from September 21, I related how the (CSG) had handpicked Joe Sestak, a retired admiral and member of the National Security Council in the Clinton administration, to run against Weldon. The goal was assuredly to prevent him from digging any deeper into the Clinton record.

That record includes clues to former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger's motive for stealing and destroying documents from the National Archives. Weldon was hot on this story as well he should have been. Indeed, every reporter in Washington should have been wondering how damaging a secret this must have been if a former National Security Advisor were willing to risk his career to conceal it. If only!

Now principal of the lobbying and consulting firm Stonebridge International, the dubious Berger hosted a serious fund-raiser for the admiral in Washington. The Sestak donor list reads likes a who's who of international mismanagement. There is, of course, the disgraced Berger. Then there is the disgraced former CIA director, John Deutch, who had signed a criminal plea agreement in connection with his mishandling of national secrets a day before being pardoned by the outgoing President Clinton. One interesting contribution came in from the disgraced Mary O. McCarthy, recently fired from the CIA after failing a polygraph on leaked classified information in regards to CIA prisons overseas.

In addition to the disgraced there are the merely disreputable. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, still fuming over her churlish portrayal on ABC's "The Path to 9-11," gave her fair share, as has Hillary Clinton, Richard "Against All Enemies" Clarke, former NSA Director Anthony Lake and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta.

In the second of these articles, “Clinton targets Weldon in FOX tirade” from September 28, I related how Clinton mentioned only one Republican other than George Bush by name in his already legendary FOX rant. “A three-star admiral,” Clinton announced out of nowhere, “who was on my National Security Council staff, who also fought terror, by the way, is running for the seat of Curt Weldon in Pennsylvania.” If I had any doubts that this war was being directed from the top, I had them no longer.

Now, Weldon has seen just how far the CSG is willing to go. A week after the Clinton visit had fired up the troops, Greg Gordon of the McClatchy Newspapers’ Washington Bureau broke a story that two anonymous sources had shared with him, namely that Weldon had “traded his political influence for lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts for his daughter.” Three weeks before a tight election in a district that Gore and Kerry carried, this leak was calculated to take Weldon out.

On Monday morning the 16th, the FBI raided the homes of Weldon’s daughter and a friend, allegedly for fear that documents would be destroyed if they did not do so sooner. By noon of that same day, a group of nearly 20 Democrat protesters were protesting outside Weldon's district office in Upper Darby, carrying matching signs that read, "Caught Red-Handed." So much for “innocent until proven guilty.”

The FBI investigation, by the way, was inspired by a story in The Los Angeles Times two years ago. If there were ever a textbook case of how a liberal media can drive a political agenda, this is it. The complicity goes deeper still. In its reporting, the Associated Press, like other mainstream media, insinuates that if these last minute revelations about Weldon’s daughter were politically motivated—puhleeze!--it is likely that the Bush administration is behind them.

Weldon “has clashed with the Bush administration,” reports the AP, a contention that it repeats in its article on October 16. This is pure red herring. The shadow government, which has been undercutting the Bush White House since January 20, 2001, has left its fingerprints all over this story.

Webmaster's Note: Click here, here, and here to read further about why Clinton is targeting Weldon


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