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© Jack Cashill November 16, 2016

“One student suggested to me early this morning that we build a wall around Fredonia,” so wrote Ginny Horvath, the president of the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia in the wee small hours after last week’s election.

This unnamed student was one of many who, along with Horvath, attended an event called the “All-In Challenge,” a campus-wide election watch party that did not turn out quite the way Horvath and her young charges anticipated.

The “snowflakes”--the word of choice for today’s fragile young progressives—were distraught. If this wannabe wall builder is indicative, they clamored for nothing so much as their own snow globe, a prophylactic bubble to keep the “deplorables” at bay. 

In the past week, from Fredonia to Fresno State and at a thousand pit stops in between, university snow globes were all shook up. And through the glass, all could see the snowflakes atwitter.

The fragility—not to mention vulgarity—of America’s young people, especially its young women, was resplendently and shamelessly on display.

These were the same young women who hoped to crumble Trump Tower through the sheer force of their girl power. As history records, however, the tower held, the girl power crumbled.

The myriad online F-bombs launched by these young ladies—an unusual weapon given their reputed disgust with the Donald’s crudeness—did not even dent the tower walls.

If the resulting hysteria was obvious to Horvath, its absurdity was not. In her therapeutic letter to the Fredonia community, she displayed no sense of the silliness of her appeal.

“There was a lot of confusion and shock,” Horvath wrote as though 11/8 were another 9/11. “A number of people reported physical signs of trauma: sick to their stomachs, shaking, and numb. Many were crying and holding one another.”

“The social media comments from students continued through the rest of the night,” Horvath continued, “with people expressing fear, inability to sleep, anger, and profound sadness at what they saw as affirmations of the racism, misogyny, and disrespect they associated with the campaign.”

What the students did not acknowledge, however, was any concern for the people beyond the SUNY snow globe. Indeed, they are the first generation of leftists who cannot even fake an interest in the poor.

As Horvath noted, 70 percent of the residents in this rust belt county voted for Trump. Having spent most of my summer in Chautauqua, I can safely say I saw more—and larger—“Hillary for Prison” signs than “Hillary for President” signs.

If the county’s voters were misogynist, that would have come as news to the women in the county, more than half of whom voted for Trump. If they were racists, that would come as news to Barack Obama. He carried the county in 2008.

A generation ago my cleaning lady would have precisely fit the Democratic stereotype. No longer. Like most of the working people in Chautauqua County, she was gung-ho for Trump and unafraid to say so.

Yet she was exactly the kind of person that that at least one student hoped to wall off. A good liberal Horvath gently told the student, “Of course, we cannot—and would not—do that.”

What Horvath should have said is, “You sniveling little elitist. Grow up quick or get the hell out of here.” Alas, in her letter, Horvath showed no more respect for county residents than did the sniveler.

The fact that these people are struggling was of no interest to Horvath or her students. The once-thriving Chautauqua County is now one of the poorest New York State counties north of the Bronx.

The poverty rate is 20 percent. The unemployment rate is 6.5 percent.  Some 57 percent of county students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, these people still have pride. They are not looking for handouts. They are looking for hope, for jobs, for respect.

The Democrats offered them none of the above. The only thing they had to offer these good citizens was their candidate’s trickle-down contempt, and this was obviously not enough, not even for a deplorable.




Jack Cashill’s newest book, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover up, the Conspiracy can now be ordered at Amazon.



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