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The War in Bosnia. Those were the days. Those were the days when the President was never at a loss for words. He would go on and on about the atrocities there--- murder, pillaging, that new one (ethnic cleansing) and rape.

 Yes, rape. And if you want to get the people behind a land war, make damn sure you let them know that the bad guys are raping the good guys' women.               

Fact is, they probably were.

Fast forward to the present day. The whatever in Kosovo. Atrocities? You  bet. Murder, pillaging, ethnic cleansing, some borderline genocide. But wait.

What happened to rape? The President hasn't said a word about the Serbs raping the female ethnic Albanians. Neither have the media.

Best case, the Serbs have mended their ways.

Worst case, the president and his unindicted co-conspirators in the media are too damn embarrassed to talk about it.

We wonder why.



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