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© Jack Cashill - February, 25 2010

How confused must Amy Bishop be.

She walks into a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and shoots six of her colleagues, killing three of them, all three people of color, two of them black, and even Nancy Grace won’t give her time of day.

Where, she must wonder, are the feminists? Why are they not heralding her as the Danica Patrick of school shooters, the most lethal femme fatale since the Manson girls, and a worthy distaff descendant of Eric and Dylan?

Where are Al and Jesse and why no thunderous evocations of the ghosts of Emmett Till and James Byrd? Hell, Harry Reid evoked the specter of slavery just to denounce Republican opposition to health care reform, and Amy can’t even get a passing comparison to David Duke for killing two African Americans.

Where are the gun control people? They got more air time denouncing Plaxico Burress, and he only shot himself, and in the leg at that, or Gilbert Arenas, who didn’t shoot anyone at all.

Where are Abe Foxman of the ADL or the lamentable Morris Dees and the SPLC? Don’t they care that Amy once sent a pipe bomb to the home of a Jewish doctor?

If Amy had put a Hitler mustache on an Obama poster and showed up at a Tea Party, she would have gotten more heat from these clowns. Yes, literally.

How colorful, Amy has to wonder, must a killer be before the networks pay her any heed? Should it not add to her street cred that she once murdered her brother and attempted an armed carjack to get away?

Ought it not help that she walked away from this bloody fratricide thanks to a DA who is now a sitting Massachusetts congressman?

Are there no media points scored for sucker punching a young mom at an I-Hop in a battle over a booster seat?

This is not ordinary behavior from your average female Harvard Ph.D and college professor.

After all this mayhem, much of it outside the proverbial box, Amy Bishop must question why she is not even the most famous felonious “Amy.”

That honor, of course, belongs to Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita, who plugged Joey Buttafuoco’s wife, Mary Jo, but did not even kill her.

Amy Fisher had an advantage though. Unlike Amy Bishop, she did not dwell within the ivy tower. She knew the way the world turned and the media worked.

Had Amy Bishop paid attention to an incident out of Berkeley a few months prior she might have anticipated that there would be little media glory coming her way.

In December, scores of protestors, allegedly angered by fee hikes at the University of California, stormed the home of the sleeping university chancellor, Robert Birgeneau, and tried to burn it down.

Chanting the all-purpose progressive mantra, "no justice, no peace," the young Visigoths smashed windows, lights and planters and threw torches at the home and at the arriving police cars.

"These are criminals, not activists," a shocked Birgeneau said immediately afterward. "The attack at our home was extraordinarily frightening and violent. My wife and I genuinely feared for our lives.”

The attack was the culmination of month long protests by students and “labor union activists” at various UC campuses after regents had voted to raise undergraduate student fees about $2,500. Da noive!

The involvement of labor unions in a fee hike designed to pay their bills suggests something of a conspiracy, but no one wanted to talk about that.

In fact, only in the Bay area, and only then in the immediate aftermath of the attack, did anyone want to talk about the incident at all.

The last I heard—and news on this is hard to find--the district attorney declined to press charges against anyone despite the arrest of eight of them for “attempted arson, burglary and disturbing the peace.”

When last heard from, the two UC Berkeley students arrested in this life-threatening attack were protesting their “interim” suspensions with high level legal help, and at least one of them was doing so successfully.

The local media coverage had swung the students’ way. Their rights were being fretted over more ardently and by more whack jobs than even KSM’s.

Amy Bishop likely did not hear about any of this. Living in her academic bubble, she may well have actually believed what Howard Zinn had told her, namely that leftists were pilloried by a cruel media and persecuted for their beliefs.

She probably still thinks that cold-blooded killers like Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, and even Sacco and Vanzetti were innocent victims of a right wing judiciary.

She likely refused to believe that the major media had gone seriously left and that media coverage drives prosecutorial action—or inaction in the Berkeley case.

When Amy’s friends and relatives described her to the media as a “far-left political extremist” they were, intentionally or not, assuring her preferential treatment in the court of law.

When they told the press that she was “obsessed” with Barack Obama to the point of boorishness--the bar for which is mighty high at the average university, even in Alabama—they were buying her time.

What they did not understand is that school shooters are glory hounds by nature, and by talking up Amy’s politics they were depriving her of what she most wanted—media attention.

This Amy has had to learn the hard way.

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