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AmericanThinker.com - December 8, 2010


rwellian double-think sometimes leads to brain freeze. And in its reaction to the imprisonment in London of WikiLeaks impresario, Julian Assange, the left wing blogosphere has descended into an ideological big chill.

Radical feminism gave inevitable birth to the conundrum in question. It goes something like this: women should be able to have sex with whomever, whenever, however they like; any kind of sex short of a disease-free, female-orchestrated exercise culminating in multiple orgasms is, well, rape or something very much like it.

In Assange’s case, two feminist fans in Sweden compared notes after quickie hook-ups with Assange and agreed that their idol did not play by Scandinavian rules, a broken condom in one instance, no condom in another. And so the louche Aussie goes to prison for sexual molestation and, well, rape.

Lefty bloggers, of course, yield to their first impulse—blame America. Any number of blogs have led with the self-parodying headline that follows: “Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group.”

Kudos to Salon blogger Kate Harding for her unsparing look at the nut jobs on her side of the blogosphere, “The rush to smear Assange's rape accuser.” Concludes Harding in a bit of obvious irony not obvious enough for the lesser wits in her orbit:

Public evidence, as the [New York] Times noted, is scarce. So, it's heartening to see that in the absence of same, my fellow liberal bloggers are so eager to abandon any pretense of healthy skepticism and rush to discredit an alleged rape victim based on some tabloid articles and a feverish post by someone who is perhaps not the most trustworthy source. Well done, friends! What a fantastic show of research, critical thinking and, as always, respect for women.

I don’t envy Ms, Harding her email. When I first read that lefties in the blogosphere use obscenities 19 times more frequently than righties, I thought to myself, “Only 19?”

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