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by Jack Cashill, ©1999
News Talk 980 KMBZ
Posted on Cashill Newsletter
July 13, 1999*


Enough is enough. Hollywood libs have proven themselves to be mean-spirited, narrow-minded, racist, bigot, hate mongers.

Don't take my word for it. The President of the NAACP has confirmed it. Kweisi Mfume has noticed that Hollywood has left Blacks out of every new television show.

Says Mfume, "... today's viewer will see a virtual whitewash in programming... None of the 26 new shows have a minority in a leading or starring role. This glaring omission is an outrage and a shameful display by network executives who are either clueless, careless or both."

Now personally, I've only seen two shows ever that reminded me of the people I grew up with: The Honeymooners and All in The Family, the latter Hollywood's "Amos and Andy" for working class whites. (Aren't they just so crude and funny?) But still, let's give Mfume his due: he's got a point.

Now how can that be? Hollywood is run by left-wing extremists They helped elect a Democrat Governor and two Democrat Senators. They regularly fill the campaign coffers of Bill, Hillary, Al and Dollar Bill. They have almost single-handedly paid off the Clinton's legal expenses.

But when it comes to hiring blacks, the far left won't do it. Move over George Wallace. Jump back Lester Maddox.

If liberals want the Cabinet to "look like America", why shouldn't the average TV show?

Shouldn't liberals let go of their bigotry as we cross the (toll) bridge to the 21st Century? Didn't they learn that the racial politics of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are what's wrong with this country? What about all their calls that we should mend, not end affirmative action?

Why not pass a law telling Hollywood who they will hire and what shows they can produce. Let's sic the EEOC on Hollywood the way it has been sicced on the rest of America. Drew Barrymore plays Bess in the EEOC approved remake of Porgy and Bess. Ice Cube plays Rhett Butler in the new and approved Gone With The Wind.

Come to think of it, this might be an improvement over what Hollywood's putting out right now.


*And for some vintage material from 1999:

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