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Date: Fri, Apr 9 1999 12:00 am
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This is from Jack Cashill's Friendly Fire Column Today.

Hate Perjury

President Clinton is pushing for legislation that would increase the penalties for criminals who are found to "hate" their victims. Let's examine this a bit further.

What if Man A attacks Man B because A thought B was gay. And then we find out that B merely lisped. Is that a defense?

What if two bi-sexuals square off and call each other faggots.

What if a black man attacks a white man because he hates whites. And then we find out the white man was really mulatto?

What if a criminal hates EVERYBODY. (I've had days like that, myself) That guy is toast!

In NYC a few years back a Puerto Rican man got into a brawl with a butch blacklady. He thought she was a guy. The courts had a real hard time with that one.

In NYC also, some Albanian immigrant kids brought down the wrath of the hate police by pouring white paint on some black kids. This was before Albanians were fashionable. Talk about ethnic cleansing.

What if a man, say the President of the United States, hates an out-of-control prosecutor so much he feels entitled to commit perjury. High crime?

Come to think of it, I hate "hate crime" laws. Am I protected by the First Amendment or am I inciting civil disobedience and a clear and present danger?

I hate to think where this all will lead.

Dang, that culture of hate.




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