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WND.com - December 17, 2014

In August 1955, Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old Chicago boy, was brutally beaten and shot for allegedly flirting with a white woman in a Mississippi delta town.

Ever since, and especially in the Obama years, the charlatans who preside over the vestiges of the civil rights movement and their media allies have been looking for a new Emmett Till. Predictably, they have been looking in all the wrong places.

One place they have chosen not to look is Courtland, Mississippi, a small town in Panola County an hour south of Memphis. There, on December 6, firefighters responding to a car fire found 19-year-old Jessica Chambers near death.

Burned over 98 percent of her body, Chambers had been left for dead by her killer or killers, but she had lived long enough to share some information with the first responders.

The case has “Till” written all over it. The town is a backwater. Its officials are sketchy. Its denizens are straight out of Faulkner, but in that Chambers was white and blonde, the major media have no interest in reporting the story. They fear where it might lead.

The media much prefer the tale of a black innocent victimized by a racist white, even if they have to fictionalize the narrative. With a president to re-elect and a base to excite, they revived this largely dormant story line in February 2012 with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

The “Till” card got a ton of play in the Martin shooting, all of it preposterous. Said Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, insulting those who know their history, “Trayvon Martin will forever remain in the annals of history next to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till, as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all.”

Till, of course, was brutally lynched. The courageous civil rights leader Evers took a bullet in the back from a racist assassin in 1963 Mississippi.

Martin, who was high at time and suspended from school for multiple infractions, took a bullet to the chest while gratuitously bashing in the head of a Hispanic man—a “white Hispanic,” qualified the New York Times--in a multi-ethnic Florida community.

The old bulls of the civil rights movement responded to the Martin death much as one would expect them to. Initially, they just asked for an arrest and then just a trial. Neither proved sufficient.

“I do not accept the [Zimmerman verdict],” Jesse Jackson told the world. He compared this trial to that of Emmett Till’s killers.

“Not one black lawyer on either side, not one black on the jury, not one male on the jury, and so something about it was stacked from the very beginning,” said Jackson, fully ignoring the fact that one of the six women on the jury was black.

“Trayvon Martin is Our Emmett Till; Our Jury Selection Process Is No Better Now That It Was In 1955,” read the misbegotten headline of a Daily Kos article that denounced the “all-white jury.”

The New York Daily News asked, “When will it all end” at the end of a list that began with Emmett Till and ended with Trayvon Martin.

“It” did not end with Martin. In August 2014, “gentle giant” Michael Brown picked up where Trayvon left off, this time assaulting a store clerk and then a police officer before the officer stopped him in his tracks.

“From Emmett Till to Michael Brown, a story as old as America itself,” read the headline of an article by former Democratic Ohio governor Ted Strickland three weeks after Brown was shot and two weeks after anyone paying attention knew he deserved it.

More incendiary than a former governor was the current attorney general. "The struggle goes on," Eric Holder said of the Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. “There is an enduring legacy that Emmett Till has left with us that we still have to confront as a nation."

The search for Chambers’s killers meanwhile goes largely unreported beyond Mississippi and the essential crime-fighting blog, the Conservative Treehouse.

The “Treepers,” who collaborated with me on my book, “If I Had A Son,” busted the Martin and Brown cases wide open for anyone who cared to know, and they are doing the same with the Chambers case.

Although the Treepers are careful not to get ahead of the evidence, the evidence heads in a direction that the media are prepared to suppress.

As a case in point, the media kept their distance from Wichita last month when black suspect, Cornell McNeal, was arrested for the random rape, beating and burning to death of a 36 year-old mother of four in a local park. And the victim was black.

“Black lives matter” in the media, only if the perpetrator is white and the victim is outside the womb. White lives matter to the degree that the perpetrator enjoys more “white privilege” than the victim—and only then if he is not a prominent Democrat.

Bottom line: unless white Hispanic Ted Cruz confesses to the killing of Chambers, expect this Mississippi burning story to die. Holder’s DOJ has no more interest in seeing it solved than do the media.

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