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Mega Fix Preview Part VI: The Atlanta Olympics

Mega Fix
Eight Part Series:

  1. Oklahoma City Bombing
  2. Oklahoma City Aftermath
  3. Croatia
  4. Khobar Towers
  5. TWA Flight 800
  6. The Atlanta Olympics
  7. The TWA Flight 800 Aftermath
  8. The 9-11 Commission



By Jack Cashill

© 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

In his new stand-up documentary, Mega Fix, Jack Cashill traces the roots of September 11 to the political exploitation of terror investigations by the Clinton White House in the desperate 1995-1996 election cycle. This eight part WorldNetDaily series, which began in Oklahoma City, moves now to the Atlanta Olympics.

The "Mega Fix" DVD is available now at the online store.

The very same day that the Clintons go to Long Island to meet with the TWA Flight 800 families, security guard Richard Jewell is patrolling the grounds of Centennial Park in Atlanta. He’s a little Barney Fife-ish, but a good guy and very observant.

Right around midnight Jewell spots a large, olive-green, military-style backpack, known as an Alice pack, under a bench. He immediately shares this information with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. When the GBI cannot find the pack’s owner, the GBI officer and Jewell begin to clear an area around the pack. Soon afterwards, the pack explodes. Two people die and more than a hundred are injured. If this sophisticated 40-pound bomb had not been jostled, and had Jewell not seen it, the bomb might have killed hundreds.

Richard Clarke and the Clinton administration were understandably worried about terrorism. At one high-level planning meeting before the Olympics Clarke has even theorized that terrorists might hijack a 747 and crash it into Olympic stadium. Remember the Bojinka-related “planes as bombs” plot. But in the “feel good” Olympic games of 1996, in the lead up to the Clinton re-nomination, when “everything is wonderful,” no official even speculates as to whether Islamic terrorists might be behind the Olympic bombing.

Nor do contemporary media reports address the fact that the Centennial Park bomb was one out of many. A highly reliable Atlanta-area police officer who was working the Olympics has shared some new information with me. As he relates, the night after the Centennial Park blast a bomb is found in the trunk of a car parked on the road between Olympic City and Centennial Park. The bomb squad defuses it with a 12-gauge slug from a distance after two hours of trying. Over the course of the next week or two, he and his fellow officers will get reports that different devices have also been found, including one on a MARTA train.

“The information wasn't really rumor,” writes the officer, “because we were listening to it real-time on the radios--I wanted to make that clear.”

Rather than alarm the Olympic-goers and the nation with the possibility of a widespread terror plot, the Clinton Justice Department suppresses information about the subsequent bombs and blames the one lethal blast on the transparently innocent Jewell. Its agents then hound Jewell all the way through the end of October.

Whose idea this was is not clear. Clarke blames Louis Freeh and the FBI. But the Clintons and their operatives were always quick to blame the FBI, and the media were equally quick to pile on. The media shed no light. The reporting on this incident is insufficient and inept. The best account, an 18,000 word piece in Vanity Fair, does not even mention the words Islam or Islamic even to dismiss them. Only Dick Morris has gone on record to call this a terrorist “attack.”

Six months after the Centennial Park attack, a bomb goes off outside an Atlanta abortion clinic and a month after that one explodes at the Otherside lounge, an Atlanta gay bar. This, of course, leads Clinton justice to pin it all, including the Olympics--a rather novel target for anti-abortion activists--on the mystical right-winger, Eric Rudolph.

But there is something to consider here. The first killing in the American jihad took place in November 1990 when an Eyptian by the name of El-Sayyid Nosair shot Jewish activist Meir Kahane at a New York Hotel. The first terrorist act in the American Jihad had taken place in April of that year when the same the same Mr. Nosair blew up a gay bar in Greenwich Village.

And that brings us to great irony of the Jihad. The America that the terrorists hate is progressive America: gay rights, abortion, radical feminism, pornography, MTV, you name it. And yet, our progressive friends are almost pathetically eager to embrace radical Islam. Why? There’s one thing they have in common: their shared distaste for America.

One final irony. Towards the end of the 1996 campaign the media start challenging Clinton about the illegal Asian money he has been using to fund his campaign. To suggest his own innocence, and the media’s recklessness in accusing him, Clinton compares himself to, yes, Richard Jewell.

And he gets away with it.

Next in the series: Mega Fix Preview Part VII: TWA Flight 800 Aftermath

Jack Cashill is an Emmy-award winning independent writer and producer with a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue.





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