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by Jack Cashill, ©1999
Posted on Cashill Newsletter or TownHall Review
April 15, 1999*


Vice President Al Gore says Slobberin' Slobodan Milosevic is a"junior league Adolf Hitler." (I wonder how the Junior league feels about this?)

Congressman Bonior says what is going on in Yugoslavia is "Naziesque." I suppose we ought not complain. The last time we heard Dems making Nazi comparisons it was for keeping Monica in a hotel room 8 hours with only one shopping break.

More seriously, we do know that hundreds of thousands of refugees have been unleashed upon Yugoslavia's neighbors. We do know that Kosovars have been up-rooted from their homes, driven across the border and forced to live in filthy, make-shift camps more squalid than Woodstock (but slightly preferable for the absence of Arlo Guthrie). As to those left behind, what of them?

Murdered? Raped? Terrorized? Altogether possible.

But before we discover those facts, why the rush to re-define Hitler or to memorialize Slobodan in his memory. The fact that Kossovars are put on trains doesn't make this a Holocaust. A train ride in Europe is arguably better than a bus ride. Even for the Jews of World War II, the problem wasn't so much the train ride--bad as it was--but the destination.

Albania may not be fun, but it's not Auschwitz. Let's not insult the intelligence of the American citizens nor the memory of the Holocaust with cheap propaganda.


*And now for some vintage material from 1999:

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