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WND.com - May 2, 2011


he media have taken some notice of Barack Obama Sr.’s immigration documents secured through the Freedom of Information Act by Heather Smathers, a young reporter for a start-up weekly, The Arizona Independent.

Most mainstream reports focus on Obama’s Harvard years—overlooking a key scandal therein—and fully ignore the impact of these documents on the official Obama birth narrative.

The Associated Press headline is typical: “Files suggest elder Obama forced to leave Harvard.” The AP, like the other media, cites concerns “about his personal life and finances.”

This is true enough, but only the British press has addressed the most scandalous allegation. Although key words were redacted in the file, the redactions do not hide the obvious.

A March 1964 document suggests that Obama impregnated a Kenyan high-school student, who was in Massachusetts on an exchange program. When the girl left inexplicably for London, immigration officials paid heed.

“The suspicion exists,” a March 1964 INS document said, “that she may have gone to London for [redacted]”. The girl cited a visit to her sister, but upon checking, officials discovered she had no sister in London.

“At the time,” reports the U.K. Telegraph, “abortions were illegal in the US.” They were not illegal in England. No wonder Obama was strapped for funds.

At this time, by the way, Obama was 29, the Kenyan girl likely 17. The London trip cost the girl her further participation in the American program.

More importantly, the documents shed some disquieting light on the orthodox nativity story of Barack Obama II. This story matters greatly because Obama built his candidacy on it.

Friendly biographer David Remnick calls the story Obama’s “signature appeal,” noting that Obama used “the details of his own life” to reflect a “kind of multicultural ideal.”

Obama led with the story in his 2004 convention speech, repeated it in the first sentence of his 2008 convention speech, and milked it at just about every campaign stop in between.

As Obama told the story in 2004, his father had grown up in Kenya “herding goats.” His mother he traced to Kansas, as he always did. “My parents shared not only an improbable love,” Obama continued, “they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation.”

This improbable love story ended when Obama was a toddler. “I get it,” he told America’s schoolchildren in September 2009. “I know what that’s like. My father left my family when I was two years old, and I was raised by a single mother.”

As the immigration documents confirm, Obama Sr.’s coupling with Stanley Ann Dunham, the mom, was no Kumbaya moment.

If the relationship symbolized anything, it symbolized third world eagerness to exploit mindless liberal idealism, and that was not the kind of story line that would get a president elected.

In April 1961, the University of Hawaii Foreign Student advisor alerted immigration officials that Obama married Dunham on February 2 of that year.

The advisor was concerned because Obama already had a wife back in Kenya. More troubling, he had been “running around with several girls since he first arrived here.”

Immigration was not convinced that the marriage was even real. “If his U.S..C. [United States citizen] wife tries to petition for him make sure an investigation is conducted as to the bona-fide of the marriage.”

Based on the date of birth cited upon arriving in America—he would subtract two years from his age on later applications—Obama Sr. would have been 26 at the time he impregnated Ann. She was 17.

An August 1961 memo from INS official William Woods noted that Barack Obama, Sr. fathered a son, Barack Obama, II, who was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961.

Wood added, however, that the child is “living with mother,” and she in turn “lives with her parents.” Obama Sr. meanwhile was living at a totally separate address.

Woods also observed that Ann Dunham had already made plans “to go to Washington State University next semester.” She would, in fact, leave Hawaii within weeks of Obama’s birth and enroll at the University of Washington.

Ann would stay in Seattle for at least a year. Her presumed husband stayed behind in Hawaii until leaving for Harvard in June 1962.

Bottom line: there was no Obama family, no “improbable love,” no “abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation,” no “multicultural ideal.”

Somehow, all of this information escaped Obama’s official campaign biography, Obama’s memoir “Dreams from My Father,” and five book-length biographies I consulted when researching my own book, “Deconstructing Obama.”

The most inexcusable of all these biographies is the one by the most esteemed of the authors, the pious Pulitzer Prize-winning race-baiter, David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker.

Published in 2010, “The Bridge” tries to finesse away what even the humblest “birther” in flyover country knew by then to be a fact: the Obama marriage was a sham from the start.

In Remnick’s allegedly definitive biography, Ann stays home with the baby while Obama Sr. "was in classes, studying at the library, and out drinking with his friends."

In reality, by the time Obama Sr. returned to class a month or so after the baby’s birth, Ann and the baby had already left her parents’ home for Seattle.

Lois Dougan Tretiak was among those who knew Obama Sr. in Hawaii. Independent investigator Don Wilkie has unearthed an email from her to their shared friends immediately after the 2008 presidential election.

“We all converged on Honolulu a month after he was born there,” Tretiak writes of the president’s birth. And although she and her friends all know Obama Sr., “Most of us then had no idea there was a baby.”

Remnick concedes the Seattle sojourn, barely, but still pictures Ann and Obama Sr. somehow debating his departure for Harvard nearly a year after Ann left Hawaii.

Likely to sustain the illusion of a real family, Remnick fully invents a visit by Ann and the baby to Harvard in the fall of 1962.

Remnick's botch of Obama's first two years makes more sense as disinformation than misinformation. This seems like an attempt to rescue the “multicultural ideal” from the sordid reality of a statutory rape.

The fact that it took an Arizona weekly to retrieve these documents four years after Obama launched his candidacy tells us all we need to know about our shockingly incurious media.

Say what you will about the birthers, but that movement emerged to do the job the media have refused to do.

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