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©Jack Cashill - October 26, 2011


ow we learn that out State Department will be spending $70,000 we don’t have to stock “key libraries” around the world with copies of Barack Obama’s books, most notably his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father.

There are problems with this scenario beyond the fact that we will have to borrow the money from the People’s Republic to pay for them. For one, Obama gets a cut out of that action. This has to violate some law, if not lots of them.

For another, even friendly biographers like New Yorker editor David Remnick concede that Dreams is something of a crock. Remnick calls the book a "mixture of verifiable fact, recollection, recreation, invention, and artful shaping." The same could be said for James Frey’s bestselling memoir, A Million Little Pieces, but for no clear reason, Frey’s many inventions, when revealed in 2006, appalled the same people who celebrate Obama’s.

For a third, as the evidence overwhelmingly suggests, Obama can’t write worth a Dickens or even a Danielle Steele. He had help with his books, lots of it, and if it wasn’t terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers who provided the help on Dreams, I’ll eat the bloody book page by page.

Not to be too self-serving, but I would recommend that the State Department send out my own book, Deconstructing Obama, as a companion piece. I’ll even sell them to State out my own stash at a discount. Deal, Hillary?

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Editor's note: For a more complete account of this phenomenon, read Jack Cashill's amazing book, "Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture.


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