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©Jack Cashill - December 8, 2011


he intrepid Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent continues to do the job the mainstream media refuses to do, this time posting the INS documents for Barack Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.

First, a caution: many of these documents have been fully redacted or referred to the State Department, and the ones that are posted, although real, may not be reliable. It is altogether possible that Soetoro was being handled at the time by the U.S. government. WND continues to investigate.

For the mainstream media, however, these documents represent the official record. As such, they play havoc with the Obama narrative first spun in “Dreams From My Father” and accepted uncritically by the MSM ever since.

They also additional light on how Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Ann), casually fabricated facts to game the system, a trait her son would inherit.

"I grew up without my father around," President Obama casually lied in his 2011 Father’s Day address. "He left when I was 2 years old."

No, as Obama Sr.’s INS file confirms, he never lived with Ann. But as Soetoro’s INS file confirms, Soetoro filled the void almost immediately and would do so for the next eleven years.

According to Janny Scott, the New York Times reporter who spent years researching Ann’s life, Soetoro began dating Ann in late 1963 right around the time Obama turned two. There are photos to prove it.

Soetoro was expected to return to Indonesia in 1964, both to comply with American immigration law and to honor his contract with the Indonesian government. He did not want to go.

So he got married. On her 1981 passport application, Ann claims March 5, 1964, as her marriage date. Scott confirms this date in her book, “A Singular Woman”: “[Soetoro] and Ann had married on March 5, 1964, shortly after she divorced Obama.”

Very shortly indeed! If Scott were paying attention to dates, she would have noticed that Ann formally divorced Obama on that very same day, March, 5, 1964. According to Soetoro’s INS file, he and Ann would not marry officially until March 15, 1965.

The INS also noted that the couple provided “evidence of the legal termination of his spouse’s prior marriage,” as required. These divorce records, however, do not prove Ann’s marriage to Obama.

In plotting to keep Soetoro in Hawaii, Ann knew the INS would require proof of her divorce from the baby’s father and of her subsequent marriage to Soetoro.

It is likely that she imagined a 1964 marriage to Soetoro for the sake of appearances much as she likely did with Obama three years prior. Then too, a documented marriage to Soetoro might have forced her to give up her fabled food stamps.

In any case, three months after the official marriage, when questioned by the INS, Soetoro did not remember the date. The wedding obviously did not make much of an impression.

Despite the marriage, the pressuring was mounting on Soetoro to return to Indonesia. As one official wrote of his stalling tactics, “It can only be assumed that this was an intentional disregard of East-West Center advice.”

The Soetoros were prepared to lie outright when it served their purposes. In July 1965, for instance, Lolo told the INS he could not return to Indonesia because his wife had a stomach ailment requiring surgery.

When questioned, however, Lolo could not name the doctor. When a doctor finally did send a letter to the INS on Soetoro’s behalf, all that he offered as excuse was potential “emotional strain” on Ann. The INS saw through the fiction and rejected the Soetoros’ request, at least initially.

It was in this same uncertain atmosphere of July 1965 that Ann applied for a passport. Although the State Department claimed to have “destroyed” the 1965 application and any that preceded it in a routine purge, a 1968 renewal application exists.

By 1968, the future president had moved to Indonesia with his mother and stepfather, and his mother listed him on the passport application as “Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah).”

The “Soebarkah” has never been well explained, but it may be a compound name Soe-Bar-kah suggesting that “Bar” as in “Barack” has been adopted by “Soe,” as in “Soetoro.”

There is one other bit of evidence to consider. Before signing the application, Ann had to attest to several conditions. Most would have no applicability to her son—for instance, serving in a foreign army or voting in a foreign election—but one might.

It reads as follows: “I have not (and no other person to be included in the passport or documentation has), since acquiring United States citizenship, been naturalized as a citizen of a foreign state.”

The application then cautions the signer that if any of these acts apply to anyone named on the passport, “the portion which applies should be struck out.”

Likely after reading this, Ann struck out the name “Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah)” with five carefully placed scratch lines. This would seem to strengthen the case that Obama was adopted by Soetoro and became a citizen of Indonesia.

Again, all this subterfuge may have been orchestrated by certain agencies of the U.S. Government. In any case, it raises more questions about the Obama narrative and Ann’s role in it.

The game playing picks up again in 1972. Ann and her daughter with Soetoro, Maya, returned to Hawaii that year. Her son had returned a year earlier. According to the INS documents, Soetoro returned to Hawaii on October 8, 1972.

Having spent more than the mandatory two years in his home country, Soetoro, according to the INS, was “admitted as a lawful permanent resident.” When he filed his 1973 tax form, however, he claimed the more favorable nonresident status.

On February 6, 1974, Soetoro returned to Indonesia, allegedly for business purposes. By the time he applied to return, the INS had caught on to his tax scam and denied his re-entry visa.

This led to another flurry of letters much as in 1965. “I was completely unaware that I had contravened any law,” wrote a desperate Soetoro from Jakarta in March 1974. He blamed the person who helped him fill out his forms, a friend who worked for a bank. Although he did not say so, this might have been his mother-in-law.

What is curious is that in Scott’s allegedly authoritative biography, she has Soetoro in Indonesia for all but a brief time during this second Hawaii period. Writes Scott, Ann was ”in effect, a single mother.” Her need for an advanced degree “required that she live apart from Lolo, at least for a time.”

The documentation surrounding Soetoro’s re-entry is maddeningly scrubbed from the record. It appears, however, that the INS relented and allowed Soetoro back in a few months after he left and that he remained in Hawaii for the remainder of the time that Ann was there.

Why authorities felt the need to conceal this information and refer it to the State Department for adjudication is the subject of an ongoing WND investigation.

Ann returned to Indonesia for fieldwork in 1975 with her daughter by Soetoro, Maya, but without her 13 year-old son, who remained behind with his grandparents.

Scott says little about Soetoro’s whereabouts during this period, although she notes that Ann and Maya went to live with Soetoro’s mother in early 1976. The couple would not divorce until 1980.

In her treatment of Ann’s two presumed marriages, Scott tries to honor the official Obama narrative. First, she fully manufactures a domestic life for the boy and his mother with Obama Sr. to sustain the multicultural ideal that Obama first spun in “Dreams from My Father.”

Then, Scott subtracts years from the mother and son’s genuine domestic life with Soetoro to advance the “single mother” myth and to suppress any talk of Muslim influences on Obama or Indonesian citizenship.

Finally, Scott fully ignores the possibility that Ann may have had a friend in high places guiding her through these bureaucratic labyrinths and getting her a job finally with the Ford Foundation in 1981.

The Ford Foundation archives have revealed any number of joint projects undertaken with the CIA. Whether Ann or Soetoro was involved in any of these projects is a subject Scott and her colleagues dare not broach.

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