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©Jack Cashill - Janauary 21, 2015

"We may have different takes on the events of Ferguson and New York," said Barack Obama in his absurdly disingenuous state of the union speech Tuesday night.

What Obama did not say is why we have “different takes” on Ferguson, namely because he and his allies in the media have done everything in their power to sell black America a false narrative of gratuitous victimization.

The consequences of that narrative may be playing out in America’s cities, St. Louis most notably. Last week, in a 24-hour period, seven people were killed in six separate incidents in St. Louis, and it wasn’t even a weekend.

Several of the murders emerged from domestic disputes, but not all. One occurred during a home invasion. Another took place at a Drury Inn where the robber chose to execute the clerk despite the fact that he handed over the money without resisting.

Although the media make no mention of the obvious, the clerk, Scott Knopfel, 50, was white. The accused killer Joseph Bowens, 43, was black.

It is hard to imagine that Bowens was not affected by the message that has saturated the St. Louis media—the national media as well—that blacks are uniquely victimized by a racist and oppressive system. This shooting sounds like payback time.

As to why we have “different takes” on matters racial, Obama offered this bit of nonsense, “Surely we can understand a father who fears his son can't walk home without being harassed.”

Just which “harassed” son was Obama referring to here? Michael Brown? The one who started punching Officer Darren Wilson in the face through an open window, just minutes after roughing up a store clerk half his size at the tail end of a brazen theft.

Or was it his own imaginary son, Trayvon Martin? The one with the fractured domestic life, a suppressed criminal record, and an all but unseen descent into drugs and violence that culminated in a reckless attack on George Zimmerman.

And where were the fathers who were supposed to be worrying. They certainly were not with boy’s mothers. Both Brown and Martin had been bouncing around unwanted among friends and relatives for years.

The fact is that Obama has not made an honest attempt to address the problems in black America for more than six years.

The last time he tried was Father’s Day, June 15, 2008, and the results weren’t pretty. The New York Times headlined his talk at a South Side Chicago church, “Obama Sharply Assails Absent Black Fathers.

To murmurs of approval from the almost entirely black congregation, Obama said about the epidemic of absentee fathers, “You and I know this is true everywhere, but nowhere is it more true than in the African American community.”

Obama then spelled out the consequences, including the fact that boys who grow up in fatherless homes are “twenty times more likely to end up in prison.” Had fate not intervened, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin would have added to those statistics.

In most quarters, Obama’s talk was well received. This was a message that most of black America hungered for. Activists on the left, Jesse Jackson most notably, felt otherwise.

An absentee father himself, Jackson took Obama’s comments as a personal and professional insult. A few weeks later, awaiting a remote interview with Fox News, Jackson made his feelings known on a hot mic. "I want to cut his nuts out," Jackson whispered. "Barack, he is talking down to black people."

This was all most people were allowed to hear, but there was more. Almost universally, the media edited out the participle phrase that followed “black people,” specifically, “telling niggers how to behave."

Britain’s left-leaning Guardian caught the gist of the left’s reaction in its headline, “Jackson gaffe turns focus on Obama's move to the right.” The Guardian raised the question that many on the left had been asking, “What has happened to Obama since he won the Democratic nomination?”

Not wanting his nuts cut out, literally or figuratively, Obama has offered nothing since then but leftist pabulum. At the state of the union, he whined about the pundits who noticed that he had not delivered on his vision of “one America,” neither black, nor white.

No, Mr. President, as Scott Knopfel would tell you, the problem is not that you failed to deliver on your vision.

The problem is that you have given black America a different vision altogether, a false and hateful one, one that leaves many blacks more hostile to their white compatriots and more danger to each other.

“Your life matters,” you said Tuesday night. Well, if so, it is sure not obvious in St. Louis.





Editor's note: Jack Cashill, newest book, You Lie: The Evasions, Omissions, Fabrications, Frauds and Outright Falsehoods of Barack Obama will be available October 7.


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