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WNDr.com - February 29, 2012

If I had to pick a date when the mainstream media became fully vested in protecting Democratic interests, it would be March 11, 1992, the day Bill Clinton swept the Super Tuesday primaries and established himself as the party’s standard bearer.

With a Republican in the White House for the previous twelve years, the media had been, if anything, overly inquisitive. Even during the Jimmy Carter years, the media had done their job well enough to make his life uncomfortable.

Over the last twenty years, however, our media have descended from the merely partisan to the fully Orwellian. To commemorate two decades of professional decline, I thought I would list the media’s ten most egregious deposits in their collective Memory Hole.

Before beginning, however, allow me to share a nugget from Bill and Hillary’s memorably dishonest 60 Minutes appearance in late January 1992, the one that would save his candidacy and launch the Memory Hole era.

Steve Kroft: [Gennifer Flowers] is alleging and has described in some detail in the supermarket tabloid what she calls a 12-year affair with you.

Bill Clinton: That allegation is false.

Hillary Clinton: . . . Bill talked to this woman every time she called, distraught, saying her life was going to be ruined, and he'd get off the phone and tell me that she said sort of wacky things, which we thought were attributable to the fact that she was terrified.

Bill Clinton: It was only when money came out, when the tabloid went down there offering people money to say that they had been involved with me, that she changed her story. There's a recession on. (Remember: It’s the economy, stupid!)

10. The Housing Bubble Democrats

In June 2005, Barney Frank, the ranking Democrat on House Financial Services C ommittee, chided those who worried about a housing bubble. “You are not going to see the collapse that you see when people talk about a bubble,” he claimed. “So those on our committee in particular are going to continue to push for homeownership.” The nation was now 12 years into a reckless Democrat-led drive to put poor and minorities into homes of their own. They would successfully blame the Republicans for the collapse that followed.

9. Frank Marshall Davis

Ask 100 NEA union members who Davis is and no more than five will know. For the record, Davis was a black communist pornographer and poet who served as the teenage Obama’s “mentor.” An excellent poet, Davis was the subject--and likely author—of Obama’s poem “Pop.”

8. Juanita Broaddrick

The Clintons were lying about Gennifer Flowers. Hillary had led the effort to suppress the “bimbo eruptions” that threatened the Clinton candidacy. No women was a greater potential threat than Broaddrick whom Clinton had raped in a Little Rock hotel room, the revelation of which persuaded many congressmen to vote for Clinton’s impeachment. Clinton also was alleged to have raped a former Miss Arkansas, Elizabeth Gracen.

7. The WMD Democrats

Before Howard Dean gained traction in the 2004 presidential primary by opposing the war in Iraq just about every ambitious Democrat had supported military action, even demanded it, because, in the words of John Kerry, “I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in [Saddam’s} hands is a real and grave threat to our security.” Check out Snopes for the full list. Right, I forgot, Bush lied.

6. Fast and Furious

The media are trying to shove this gun-running debacle down the Memory Hole even while the hearings are still going on. NEA recognition rating: 10.

5. John Doe #2

On April 28, 1995, the Washington Post reported the following: “ The magistrate, Ronald L. Howland, ordered [Timothy] McVeigh to be held without bail after listening to four hours of testimony from FBI Special Agent John Hersley in which he described eyewitness accounts of a yellow Mercury with McVeigh and another man inside speeding away from a parking lot near the federal building.” Everyone who saw McVeigh in OKC saw him with another man, the swarthy John Doe #2. With two white right-wingers in custody, neither the media nor the White House wanted to know any more.

4. Obama’s origins

Jodi Kantor’s new book “The Obamas” is the fourth straight mainstream biography to ignore or deny the indisputable fact that President Obama’s mother and father never lived together and that Obama spent his first year in Seattle. And this represents a fraction of what the media have chosen not to know about their president. NEA rating on the Seattle issue: 2.

3. TWA Flight 800

270 eyewitnesses told the FBI that they saw something very much like a missile strike TWA Flight 800 off the Long Island coast in July 1996. The New York Times interviewed none of them (I interviewed about 20). The Times had a president to re-elect. The media breathed a collective sigh when the FBI showed a CIA-produced video claiming the witnesses were all delusional. It was all so easy before the Internet.

2. The life and death of Ron Brown

Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown held the key to the most insidious scandal in American political history—the Clinton’s selling of American technology to China by way of pals John Huang and James Riady, among others, to secure funding for the 1996 election. Brown was about to go public when his USAF plane crashed in Croatia in April 1996, killing 35. Despite the fact that the New York Times had a reporter on board, I was the first person in the media to request the USAF’s 22-volume report, and I did so seven years after the fact.

1. Waco.

On April 19, 1993, America tanks rolled through a religious community in Texas, killing 74, 39 of whom were racial minorities, 26 of those black, 20 children in all. The White House and the media convinced America that the victims were gun-toting rednecks who committed suicide a la Jonestown. Our liberal friends, who love to catalogue America’s injustices to minorities, never mention Waco. NEA recognition rating on the minority factor: zero.

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