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© Jack Cashill - September 24, 2009

Leftist politicians glide through their careers as though there were no Internet, no YouTube, no newspaper archives, no history books, no one worth knowing who does not agree with them.

Protected as they are by the media, they feel free to ignore the past as it happened and reconstruct it as it suits the purpose of the moment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave remarkable witness to this willful amnesia with her hysterical—in both senses of the word—re-imagining of San Francisco in the seventies.

"I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw, I saw this myself in the late '70s in San Francisco,” said a tearful Pelosi last Friday.

“This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we (sic), violence took place.”

Pelosi was implying that the 1978 murder of Harvey Milk, the gay San Francisco supervisor, was spawned by the kind of right wing rhetoric one hears at Tea Parties and the like.

In reality, Milk’s murder had nothing to do with anything right wing. Indeed, left wing violence of all sorts, the worst of it abetted by the Democratic establishment, terrorized the Bay Area from one end of the decade to the other

For starters, Milk’s killer was a Democrat, former supervisor Dan White. In November 1978, the emotionally troubled White abruptly resigned from the Board of Supervisors.

On Milk’s advice, Mayor George Moscone refused to reinstate White when he petitioned to get back on. White snapped. He shot and killed them both and promptly turned himself in. This was no historic moment. This was routine work place violence prompted by Milk’s double dealing.

After an absurdly lenient verdict—only in psycho San Francisco would the “Twinkie” defense have worked--the anti-death penalty coalition organized a protest march. It quickly went south on them.

How far south? How about thousands of angry gay men marching down Market Street chanting “Kill Dan White” south—pretty rough rhetoric in anyone’s book.

When the marchers reached City Hall, they broke windows, burned police cars, and injured 61 cops. Our gay friends called their May 1979 escapade the “White Night Riot”—a cold-blooded pun on the recent Jonestown carnage.

Speaking of Jonestown, the atheist “religious leader” Jim Jones was the toast of liberal San Francisco throughout the 1970s. All the leading Democrats--George Moscone, Harvey Milk, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown--came a courting.

“In my later years,” Jones reflected near the end, “there wasn’t a person that attended any of my meetings that did not hear me say, at one time, that I was a communist.”

In the People’s Republic of San Francisco that fact bothered no Democrat of consequence. A guy who could inspire suicide could certainly deliver votes and volunteers.

After moving his flock to Guyana, he oversaw their mass poisoning in November 1978. On the down side for Pelosi, he removed 918 current or future Democrats from the voter rolls. On the upside, he waited until after the mid-term elections to remove them.

Those who tell Kool-Aid jokes take note: three year-olds don’t commit suicide. Authorities dumped the bodies of more than 250 of these children, all victims of left wing violence, into a mass grave in Oakland’s Evergreen Cemetery. There they lie to this day, unsung and un-mourned, as they serve no useful political purpose.

“Free at last, free at last,” Jones would proselytize, “thank socialism almighty we’re free at last.” Socialism is exactly what these children had to thank for their final liberation.

Speaking of Oakland and left wing violence, in November 1973 the Symbionese Liberation Army shot and killed black school superintendent Marcus Foster in cold blood.

The S.L.A. had condemned him for his “fascist” plan to introduce identification cards into Oakland’s chaotic public schools. In February 1974, the S.L.A. made the big time when its cadres kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst in neighboring Berkeley.

The S.L.A. fled to Southern California where they ended their days in a flaming shootout with the local constabularies. Another sad day for Pelosi--more future Democratic leaders lost.

Speaking of crime sprees, none in recent American history can match the grotesque and wanton murders perpetrated by the so-called “Zebra” killers in mid-70s San Francisco and hushed up by a complicit media.

The self-described “Death Angels,” a rogue auxiliary of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, killed as many as 71 white Californians. Leadership gave extra points, literally, for the murder--often preceded by rape, torture and dismemberment--of white women and children. Look it up.

When San Francisco police finally arrested the culprits in 1974, local black leaders quickly denounced the arrests, claiming that they were racially motivated. Just like Skip Gates in Cambridge!

Speaking of the San Francisco police, the decade of left wing violence began when some future Democratic leaders planted an anti-personnel bomb on the ledge of a police station, killing Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell.

The culprits? As WND recently reported, the evidence is “mounting” that Mrs. William Ayers, Weatherwoman Bernadine Dohrn, was responsible.

Pelosi was advancing her career in San Francisco Democratic politics throughout the entire decade. She was elected party chairwoman for Northern California in January 1977, the same year Milk was elected and Jones moved to Guyana.

If she were anything like her fellow Dems, Pelosi would have befriended Jones, ignored his communism, buried his crimes, suppressed all talk of the Zebra killings, sucked up to Farrakhan, criticized the police for “profiling” the Zebras, hung out with the radical cop-killers, marched with the White Night rioters, and wept when the S.L.A. got smoked in LA.

Then, at the end of the day, she would blame all this madness on a non-existent right wing, a claim unchallenged by an unwittingly comical major media.

For anyone who knows San Francisco history, Pelosi’s verklempt reminisce suggests too much time on the bong, the early stages of Alzheimer’s, or the chronic dissembling we have come to expect from our Democratic friends.

Pelosi gives proof to the adage that those who remember the seventies in San Francisco weren’t there.

Cashill’s book, What’s the Matter with California, is available in bookstores - or you can order your autographed copy online .


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