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Listen to Jack Listen to Jack Cashill interview with Dr. Deb O’Bannon, a University of Missouri-Kansas City civil engineering professor, as they explore how and why structures are built in Kansas City.

Their conversation includes a discussion of Norman Rockwell's famous painting, Spirit of Kansas City (at left). Click on painting to listen in.


"Jack speaks on a wide range of subjects, from entrepreneurship to intelligent design to political intrigue of the highest order. What follows are comments from some of his hosts."

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"Jack Cashill is an exciting speaker. You will be amazed and fascinated by his exposés of the celebrity frauds of the last half century."

Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum

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“Thank you for a great and meaningful job for last night's audience and for Vitae, last night and in the future. Maureen told Joanie last night and again today that you were THE BEST speaker they have ever had, bar none. And that puts you ahead of other speakers they've had, including Alan Keyes and Ollie North. That's quite a testament and well earned and deserved.”

Colonel Thomas Fitzpatrick,
USAF ret., Whiteman AFB
Vitae Society

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“Jack Cashill has been our guest speaker at The Commonwealth Clubof California, San Francisco several times. As an independent writer and producer and a Ph.D. in American studies, Jack Cashill brings to his listeners a vibrant, sometimes humorous, sometimes provocative and always an intellectual theme to whatever subject he is speaking on. You will never be bored.  We have had a "standing room only" crowd when he has been our guest.”

Verna Weaver
International Relations Forum
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

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"We met Jack because of his marvelous book, 2006: The Chautauqua Rising, and, as summer Chautauquans, have had the singular honor of presenting him at a well attended talk there on the way the media treats religion. We have also had smaller groups to view his excellent video productions.   He is a captivating speaker, excellently prepared, dynamic and unafraid of controversy."

Reverend Becky Spanos
Chautauqua Institute
Chautauqua , New York

. . .

“Jack has always done a great job and is well received by our members.  He is very charismatic and knowledgeable about issues of interest to our club.  I highly recommend Jack and look forward to his next visit.”

Bob Gough
Program Chair
Pachyderm Club

. . .

“Week after week, The Plaza Club is exposed to "world class" speakers. Jack Cashill is one of the best!!! He shares his well documented history lessons like a novelist spinning a tale. Jack Cashill is interesting, entertaining and, most of all, thought provoking. A truly great speaker!!!”

John Meara
Plaza Club, Kansas City

. . .

“It won't take your audience more than ten minutes to figure out why Jack Cashill was your choice for a featured speaker.

Cashill's presentations hit his audience square between the eyes with how little they know about what's going on in the world and how studiously the main stream media has conspired to keep them that way. Jack Cashill is a credible and articulate author and guest. He has been a frequent guest and invited speaker for America's Morning Show with Quinn and Rose. “

Jim Quinn and Rose Tennent
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

. . .

“Jack Cashill has spoken on a number of subjects over the past few years at my breakfast club.  His talks have always been most thought provoking, and interesting. The members have expressed a desire for him to return as often as he is willing to. His research is very detailed and the humor he interjects adds to the topic.  The club has also expressed appreciation that someone of Jack's intelligence is there to investigate subjects that the "main stream" press will not tackle.” 

    Frank H. Rodkey
    Cosmopolitan Club

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